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Student Organizations and Resources

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On-Campus Groups and Clubs

Chosen Generation Choir (CGC)

Chosen Generation is a choir with a mission to bring praises to our evergreen campus! CGC hopes to bring the Loyola and Baltimore Community as a whole the sounds of love, joy, and soul through Christian/Gospel music. 

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Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a student organization sponsored by the Campus Ministry, which advocates for the needs of Muslim students attending Loyola. MSA is open to all students who are genuinely curious about learning about Islam, its practices, and Muslims worldwide. MSA will be celebrating Ramadan and Eid with Campus Ministry annually, so Muslims on campus can celebrate together and create a sense of belonging on this campus. MSA will partner with various on-campus and off-campus resources to give back to the Baltimore community.

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Jewish Student Association (JSA)

The Jewish Student Association (JSA) seeks to create a group of students that come from Jewish backgrounds or are just looking to learn more about the Jewish religions in hopes of (openly) creating a more religious diversity at Loyola, while also giving people a fun and enjoyable place to celebrate their religion and the religion of their peers.

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InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship mission is to be a community of individuals who are experiencing the transforming power of a real and active God as we seek to follow Jesus through studying scripture, praying, and worshiping in order to live bold lives of faith that shine out on campus. InterVarsity's goals are to grow in love for: God; God's Word; God's people of every ethnicity and culture; and God's purposes in the world.

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Heart of Zen Meditation Group

Heart of Zen Meditation Group is dedicated to making the core practice of Zen, namely meditating in silence and stillness, available to all, regardless of religious affiliation or secular orientation. While this practice is traditionally understood as a means of awakening and cultivating the twin Buddhist virtues of wisdom and compassion, participants are more than welcome to interpret the practice and these virtues in terms of their own faith or worldview.

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Peace and Justice Initiative

The mission of the Peace and Justice Initiative is to explore the causes and consequences of violent conflict and systemic injustices, as well as the conditions that promote conflict resolution, peace, and justice. This student-run club seeks to promote and expand the scope of the Peace and Justice minor on campus. The club's programming will advance several of Loyola's learning aims, including the "commitment to promote justice for all, based on a respect for the dignity and sanctity of human life," "a willingness to act as an agent for positive change, informed by a sense of responsibility to the larger community," and "the ability to respond to the great moral issues of our time, including poverty, racism, genocide, war and peace."

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Interfaith Resources

Local Houses of Worship

Click here to view a list of some local houses of worship.