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Interfaith and Ecumenical Worship Spaces

As a Jesuit institution, Loyola welcomes a diverse religious population including a variety of the Christian denominations, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Loyola invites all students to actively engage and explore their own religious traditions/ spiritual identities.

On-Campus Interfaith Worship Spaces

Prayer Space in Campus Ministry (Cohn Hall)

Campus Ministry's interfaith space is an intentional room devoted to reflection, prayer, and/or meditation for those at Loyola University who do not identify as Catholic or are looking for a different space to pray. Campus Ministry has created this space in Cohn Hall in a private room within the Campus Ministry office. This private room is religiously neutral space, meaning that it is void of symbols from one particular religion. Students are welcome to bring what they need to this space to make it their own while they are using the space. There is a spot outside the room for one’s shoes and prayer mats and religious texts are conveniently located in a cabinet right outside the room. Campus Ministry also welcomes students to use the sink adjacent to the space for washing as needed. Campus Ministry hopes that this space is a visible symbol of Loyola’s commitment to welcoming, supporting, learning from, and appreciating religious diversity on this campus. 

Fava Chapel

The Fava Chapel is a multi-use interfaith space, located in the Hammerman House (up the hill from the library), that is used for reflection, Sunday Masses and Zen Buddhist meditation. In this space, the Heart of Zen Meditation Group meets to make the core practice of Zen, namely meditating in silence and stillness, available to all, regardless of religious affiliation or secular orientation. Meditation cushions are provided, and participants may sit either on the floor or on one of the benches along the wall. Learn more about the Heart of Zen Meditation Group.

Off-Campus Interfaith Worship Spaces

There are a number of places of worship a short distance from Loyola's campus where students can expand their community to foster a deeper sense of self and Others. For a full list of off-campus Interfaith and Ecumenical worship spaces around Loyola, please visit Campus Ministry's Local Houses of Worship page.