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Magis, a Latin word meaning “more” or “greater” is related to the Jesuit Motto, AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam), “for the greater glory of God.” Fr. Bryan Massingale describes Magis as the inner longing—a sacred, holy restlessness for that which is always out of our reach, but which beckons and allures us, and entices us to reach beyond where we are now. Magis is an inner dynamism of spirit that leaves us dissatisfied with the way things are, and calls us forward into the deep. A fundamental Jesuit value, striving for Magis encourages each person to try to do the more, the better, the greater – for God and our neighbor, not for ourselves.

Magis Mentors is an initiative to express gratitude for the members of our community who strive to live into the Magis. We invite you to nominate a student, faculty, staff or administrator to be honored as a Magis Mentor. The 2022-23 Magis Mentors will be honored during Mission Week in March 2023.

The deadline to nominate is March 15.

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Magis Mentors 2020-21


Jamie Lyn Wood

Justin Lyle

Bridget O’Carroll

Jimmy Hayburn

Haleema Hafeez

Student Magis Mentors

Faculty, Staff, and Administrators 

Marie McSweeney Anderson

Scott McCabe

Dr. Marianna Carlucci

Emalee Quickel

Dr. Jason Parcover

Dr. Kristina Collins

Dr. Cheryl Moore-Thomas

Brad Bryk

Faculty Magis Mentors

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