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Fava Chapel

DescriptionZen Meditation

To meet the needs of a diverse community of believers, Fava Chapel contains various prayer materials and resources specific to different faith traditions and spiritual practices. We invite all members of our community to explore Fava Chapel and use this space daily for your prayer and reflection.

Please notify Campus Ministry of materials you may need, and share with us ways in which we can improve the resource offerings in this space.

Hours: 7:00AM-11:00PM

Swipe Access Required.


Fava Chapel is utilized by various groups on campus for the purpose of prayer and reflection.  Such groups include the Heart of Zen Meditation Group, Messina enrichment sections, SpiritualiTea, etc.

Fava Chapel is reserved on a weekly basis for the following:

If you would like to reserve Fava Chapel for a group, please email: and provide the following information: 

  • Request Date
  • Request Time
  • Group Name/Contact 
  • Purpose of Reservation 

Please Note: As we continue to increase use of Fava Chapel, we will work to honor the times our Muslim students use the space for prayer.  When possible, reservations will be processed in consideration of the Muslim Prayer Schedule.