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chosen generation gospel choir

About Us

Chosen Generation Gospel Choir is one of Loyola's widely recognized faith-based choirs here on campus. The choir welcomes all students of all races, ethnicities, and faith backgrounds who want to explore and enhance their spirituality through gospel music and praise. Under the direction and guidance of Maurice Carroll, the choir sings contemporary gospel music as well as spiritual songs of the gospel tradition. Maurice has been the choir's music director since 2011 and has made innumerable contributions to the choir via his many talents as a musician. He has also been instrumental in heightening the gospel choir experience through themes of spiritual recognition and mindfulness.

The choir performs one concert each semester, both held in the Loyola Alumni Chapel: Fall Harvest Concert in the fall and Mt. Zion Concert in the spring. There are regular weekly rehearsals held in the chapel on Tuesdays at 7:00pm. The choir also performs at Rev. Scott Adams' bi-monthly Roots of Refuge Soul Food worship services on Sundays at 3pm. Other events that the choir performs at every year include the ALANA Breakfast, Hope and Renewal Interfaith Prayer Service, Festival Sing, and Relay for Life. There are also a handful of off-campus events that the choir performs at, usually at local churches.

If you are interested in joining gospel choir, come to any practice! There is no audition: the choir appreciates and honors the joy in singing, experiencing and appreciating music, and praising God, no matter the musical ability.


The choir was formed in the spring of 1998 by a group of students excited to spread God's presence to their Loyola friends and faculty and the greater Baltimore community through gospel music rooted in the black tradition. This group of students began to meet regularly under the student leadership of Andre Ferrell and soon decided to become an official club on Loyola's campus. Campus Ministry's George Miller was appointed as moderator of the club, making the choir part of the Campus Ministry community and family. The group expanded in size and hired an official music director. Upon hiring a music director, membership began to increase even more. The choir found more ways to involve itself in and share gospel music with various communities on- and off-campus by performing at student events and off-campus locations. It has been growing ever since.

In spring 2019, the choir began to make many changes in its leadership, mission statements, and campus involvement. Fall 2019 marks the beginning of the choir's new direction under Rev. Scott Adams and Interfaith and Ecumenical Ministries. There is now an increased emphasis on community and belonging in the choir, which will harbor a space for students of color and other students who want a place on campus where they feel a sense of beloved community. Similar to the themes of Soul Food Sunday worship services, gospel choir's mission is to encourage, inspire, and nurture one another towards a deeper faith in Jesus Christ, while making surprising friendships that authentically cultivate Beloved Community where all can experience a place called home.

Concert Dates

  • Fall Harvest Concert: November 22, 2019
  • Mt. Zion Concert: Date TBD

Chosen Generation Gospel Choir's Executive Board

  • President: Cayla Wike
  • Vice President: Hannah Lee
  • Treasurer: Hannah Boland
  • Mosaic partner: Frida Barrera
  • BSA partner: Matt Dorsey

Contact Us

Find us on Facebook @LUMChosenGenerationGospelChoir.

Find us on Twitter @GodsChosenGen.

If you are interested in joining gospel choir, have questions, and/or want the choir to perform at an event, please contact Cayla Wike at cjwike@loyola.edu.