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Kolvenbach Grant Application

To apply for the Kolvenbach Grant, please complete the form below. In addition to completing the form, please upload your project proposal as a PDF. Your project proposal should include all of the information requested in the Project Description Requirement section. Please limit your proposal to 1,750 words and provide a word count at the top of your document.

In addition to uploading your proposal, please upload in PDF the supplemental documents listed below:

  • Faculty-directed project proposals should include a letter of support from a community partner(s) and CVs/résumés for all co-researchers. 
  • Faculty-directed project proposals that include student involvement should include a community partner letter and CVs/résumés for all co-researchers. These project proposals should also include a statement of interest from the student(s) that communicates an understanding of and interest in the Kolvenbach Program as well as a connection between the proposed project and the Kolvenbach goals. 
  • Student-directed projects should include a community partner letter and CVs/résumés for all co-researches. These project proposals should also include a letter of support from their faculty research supervisor. The faculty research supervisor should also provide a CV/résumé.

Please combine all project letters into one PDF for submission. Also, please combine all CVs/ résumés into one PDF for submission.

Project Description requirements

Please keep your application material to a 1,750 word maximum.

Project Plan and Goals

Expand on the abstract by clearly articulating the following:

  • Context and background of the project
  • Problem/issue that the project will address
  • Why this problem/issue should be addressed
  • Research questions
  • Hypothesis

As part of your explanation, please include scholarship that helps situate the project and justify its work.

Scope of Work/Expertise

Please describe the qualifications of all applicants (faculty members and students) involved with the project and explain how the researchers are trained and credentialed in the field(s) to be used in the study. For example, if applicants plan to collect data related to the fields of psychology, education, or technology, researchers should explain how members of the team are trained and credentialed to conduct research in these areas.

Experience in community-based research is also recommended but not absolutely necessary. As part of the funding process, researchers who have not conducted community-based research may be required to collaborate with faculty members who have completed engaged scholarship. All research involving human participants must be approved by Loyola’s IRB. Researchers planning on conducting community-based research involving human participants must also complete Human Subjects Education Training. Information on this training may be found on the ORSP webpage at this URL:

Significance, Innovation, and Impact

Please explain how the project will be significant and innovative. Applicants should also explain how the project’s outcomes/findings/deliverables will impact the community partners and the field(s) in which the study is being completed.

Specific Aims

Please explain the approach to be used in detail. Questions that applicants should answer include the following:

  • What type of research project is this? Is the project a mixed-methods (qualitative and quantitative) study that includes observations, surveys, and semi-structured interviews with multiple participants? Or is the project a literature review that may develop into a full research study in the future?
  • What types of data will emerge from the project?

Lastly, please include any deliverables applicants expect to be produced from the project and how researchers plan to share findings with their community partner, Loyola, their field(s), and possibly even the larger public through press releases or mass media articles.

Research Methods

Please explain in detail how researchers plan to recruit and reimburse participants. Outline how many participants the researchers expect to recruit and who they will be. If applicable, explain how researchers plan to recruit at-risk participants – those from marginalized populations, those who are underage, or those who have diminished cognitive development – and how applicants plan to protect participants’ identities and coordinate informed consent and IRB approval.

Also, please explain the procedures the researchers will follow to conduct the study. Procedures include a description of interviews, surveys/questionnaires, observations, etc., and the process by which these procedures will be followed. Lastly, explain in detail how researchers plan to code and analyze data and who will perform these tasks.


Please provide a listing – formatted in the correct style for the discipline – of works referenced in the proposal. Also include sources researchers plan to consult.


Please provide a detailed, step-by-step outline of tasks related to the project and who will complete them.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of all anticipated costs related to the project: staffing, transportation, participant reimbursement, food, materials. Also provide a total budget request.

Application Form

Project Information
I give the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and the Committee on Engaged Scholarship permission to use this proposal as an example to help future applicants.*
Project Description

Supplemental Documents