Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center


Loyola's Counseling Center has a wide range of resources available to help students work through academic pressures, depression, anxiety, social issues, relationship problems, eating or body image concerns, illness of a loved one, loss, and many other situations common for college students.

Learn about what issues and concerns we address.

Services We Offer

  • Short term Individual Counseling;
  • Group Counseling;
  • Crisis Management - for individuals who want to learn methods to effectively cope with a crisis;
  • REACT Online - an interactive program about responding positively after a crisis or traumatic event. For technical support, please call 410-617-5555 or email ots@loyola.edu. Content will remain confidential;
  • REACT (In Person) - a three session program for those who have experienced a traumatic event;
  • Consultation Services - for faculty, staff, and administrators who are concerned about a student and;
  • Outreach and Prevention - for individuals who want the Counseling Center staff to provide a presentation or program


In case of emergency, please seek immediate assistance through one of our emergency contacts.