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Loyola is committed to an ongoing examination of our connections to slavery and to helping our campus and wider community learn about our shared history, reflect on current circumstances, and plan for a more just and equitable future. The following events are designed to facilitate this education, reflection, and planning:

Jan. 16-Feb. 15 Julio Fine Arts Gallery: strikeWare art exhibit (including Feb. 15 panel)
Jan. 24 Karson Institute: MLK Boulder Pop Up Teach In

MLK Convocation
Freeman A. Hrabowski III, Ph.D.
Jan. 26 Karson Institute: Stone Soup, “Exploring the (Peculiar) Soul of Our University”
Jan. 31 Peace and Justice Lunch Talk: “Legacies of Slavery at Loyola (the Postbellum Period),” by David Carey Jr. (11 a.m. McGuire Hall)
Feb. 4 Karson Institute: Annual Karson Sellinger Scholars Lecture, “Dr. King & The Cult of Inevitable Progress: How Should We Talk About Slavery and DEIJ?”
Feb. 16 Karson Institute: Stone Soup, “Saying Their Names: Exploring Loyola University Maryland's Slavery Task Force Report”
Feb. 27

Karson Institute: "Loyola's Quilted Peculiar Narratives: An Evening of Social Artivism Exploring the Peculiar Institution of Slavery, Loyola's Connection to It, and Where We Should Go From Here," 6:30-8pm, McManus Theatre


Feb. 22-Mar. 27 Julio Fine Arts Gallery Devin Allen exhibition (Artist talk/Q&A Feb. 22)  
March 13 Karson Institute: Stone Soup, “Whispers of the Past/Shouts Into the Future”
March 13

Hard Histories Podcast (Johns Hopkins University) with Rachel Swarns, Martha Jones, and David Carey Jr. (12-1 pm). Full info available at:

Mar. 17-23 Mission Week
Mar. 19-20 Here I Am performance

Tickets are free and open to the public. They are available in person at the Loyola Box Office or online at:

Mar. 21 Rachel Swarns: “The 272: The Families Who Were Enslaved and Sold to Build the American Catholic Church” (6 p.m. McGuire Hall West)

There will be a reception at 5pm in McGuire Hall East.

April 2 Bunting Peace and Justice Speaker Series: Fania Davis, “Truth-Telling, Racial Reconciliation, and Healing in the US” 
Apr. 10

Karson Institute: Wilson Peace Symposium

Apr. 15 Launch of Untold Truths: Exposing Slavery and Its Legacies at Loyola University Maryland, 7pm, 4th floor program room