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Understanding Loyola University Maryland’s Connections to Slavery

For nearly two years, a group of Loyola University Maryland faculty, administrators, and students, along with two members of the GU272 descendant community, conducted scholarly research to better understand the University’s possible connections to slavery. 

The President’s Task Force Examining Loyola’s Connections to Slavery, convened in December 2021 by then-Interim President Amanda M. Thomas, Ph.D., and then-Incoming President Terrence M. Sawyer, J.D., investigated and identified Loyola's historical relationship to slavery. 

The task force was charged with initiating and guiding a university-wide examination of the University’s connections to slavery and its ongoing legacies. These legacies include, but are not limited to, the broader experience of African American persons at Loyola and Loyola’s contributions to efforts promoting racial justice on campus, in Baltimore, and across the country. 

Loyola is also a member of the Universities Studying Slavery consortium, a group of universities across the country that are investigating their connections to slavery. 

The task force report, published in January 2024, provides an overview and analysis of the findings of the scholarly research, along with recommendations to be considered for implementation.

View digital flipbook of report Download report (PDF)

The University will consider the report’s recommendations as part of the University’s next strategic plan, positioned for adoption and implementation in Spring 2024. For a calendar of Spring 2024 events related to slavery and its legacies at Loyola, visit the Related Events page

Support Services

The information in the report can be difficult and troubling to process, so please give yourself the time and space you might need—and seek out additional support. Students can contact the University Chaplain or the professionals in the Counseling Center, Campus Ministry, ALANA Services, the Division for Student Development or the Office of Equity and Inclusion. Faculty, staff, and administrators can reach out to counselors at Acentra (formerly KEPRO), Loyola’s Employee Assistance Program, at 1-800-765-0770.


If you have information or comments you would like to share related to the report, you are welcome to submit them here.