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This is Greyhound Nation

Discover the Loyola experiences that distinctly prepare students to grow, thrive, and succeed in the classroom, the community, their careers, and the world

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Academics - All

Our Jesuit liberal arts education calls students to tackle academic challenges head-on, to redefine what’s possible, to understand how it all connects, to think differently, to strive for excellence.

Book cover printout sitting on a cutting mat before being trimmed
Course Snapshot

Intro to Book Publishing

In Loyola’s Intro to Book Publishing course, students learn the book publishing process and collaborate with Apprentice House, a ...

Two students giving a professional-level presentation.
Academic Programs

Economics Major

Loyola's economics degree options, which feature interactive and transformative discussion around real world social issues and business ...

Group of students with video, lighting, and audio equipment filming two other students sitting down
Course Snapshot

Lights, Camera, Classroom

Students learn professional video production skills in Loyola’s Backpack Video Production

Cherry blossoms in the foreground and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in the background across the Tidal Basin
Course Snapshot

Talking Beltway Politics

Students in Loyola’s Beltway Politics course explore the evolution of American politics in Washington, D.C.

Student and physics professor working on a research project
Academic Programs

Physics Major

Physics majors select from three tracks that are specialized for various career paths. A liberal arts education is proven to develop better ...

Student testing out lighting techniques while taking a photo of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris at night
Beyond the Classroom

Backpack Video Production Study Tour

Communication students traveled to London and Paris to study video production and photography.

Student working at laptop during accounting class
Academic Programs

Accounting Major

The accounting program at Loyola provides a values-centered business education, preparing graduates to be technically proficient, ...

A group of students brainstorm ideas to write down and categorize on a wall
Academic Opportunities

Student Changemakers

Loyola’s inaugural Social Impact Fellowship cohort proposes ways Loyola can better promote inclusivity.

Loyola students pose in front of Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Montreal
Academic Opportunities

Montreal Study Tour

Loyola’s French students get the opportunity to explore Montreal during an international weekend excursion.

Speech-Language-Hearing Student working with an individual
Academic Programs

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Speech-Language-Hearing Science students enjoy a flexible profession and benefit from Loyola's Jesuit tradition, which they apply to their ...

Students posing for a photo in front of a Google building
Course Snapshot

Exploring IS 360: Management of Global IT

Students embark on a 10-day immersion program to Ireland to learn more about global information technology through site visits with leading ...

Academic Opportunities

Apprentice House

The first student-run publishing house in the country provides Loyola students industry experience.

Students measure drops of blood for a lab assignment.
Course Snapshot

Exploring Biology 101: Introduction to Forensic Science

Learn about the field of forensics and acquire the lab techniques needed to conduct crime scene investigations.

A student talks with a man in the foreground, while a poster for SolarStop can be seen in the background
Academic Opportunities

Rising to the Challenge: Pitching SolarStop at Building a Better World Through Business

A student shares takeaways, lessons learned, and experience proposing forward-thinking solutions from Loyola’s Building a Better World ...

Several students running with arms linked in a grassy field
Your first year

What, exactly, is Messina?

A closer look at Loyola University Maryland's living learning program for all first-year students.

Marie (the seal) sitting on the edge of the pool at the National Aquarium's rehabilitation center
Beyond the classroom

From the classroom to the coast

A student shares his experience as an intern with the National Aquarium in Baltimore—and how it shaped his academic path and career goals.

Students wearing white lab coats and safety goggles in a lab
Academic Opportunities

Leading a lab

Gaining valuable experience as an undergraduate teaching assistant in Loyola’s chem labs.

Female students smiling while working at laptops in a student lounge
Life at Loyola

Transferring to Loyola University Maryland

At Loyola University Maryland, transfer students find a welcoming community abound with opportunities.

Evergreen students talking to new students
Your first year


Learn about Loyola's distinctive living learning program for first-year students.

A student sits facing other students, with textbooks in the foreground
Honors Program

Why I'll always be glad I joined the Honors Program

Faculty mentors, engaging discourse, and field trips and traditions are just a few ways the Honors Program sets students up for an ...

Course Snapshot

Beyond Twitter and clickbait headlines

Multimedia Storytelling brings community stories to life through service-learning.

Video editing keyboard
Academic Programs

Communication major

Communication majors learn how to adapt to new technologies, gain critical firsthand experience working with clients, and can specialize in ...

Student and forensics professor reviewing an experiment

Forensic Studies major

Demand for professionals with forensic training has never been greater, and Loyola’s Forensic Studies program is unique in that it ...

Two female students looking forward in a lecture classroom
Academic Programs

Engineering major

Loyola's Engineering program provides broad-based instruction in engineering fundamentals, and students specialize in one of four ...

Male student in suit sitting in front of multiple TV monitors

Finance concentration

Finance is one of the most popular undergraduate concentrations in the Sellinger School of Business, and students benefit from expert ...

Members of Loyola's Fed Challenge Team practice at a conference table as faculty proctor, John Burger acts as referee
Beyond the Classroom

The Fed Challenge Team

The highly motivated students on Loyola's nationally ranked Fed Challenge team see their studies in action by working together to apply ...

Student working at computer in lab
Academic Programs

Data Science major

Sitting at the nexus of computer science, statistics, and business, Loyola boasts the first undergraduate Data Science program in the state ...

Female student in classroom looking up

Marketing concentration

Loyola's marketing concentration within the Sellinger School of Business teaches students core marketing principles, personal selling and ...

Students sitting along a wall chatting in front of ideas taped to the wall
Course Snapshot

Creativity that leads to change

Design thinking course helps student entrepreneurs bring ideas to life.

Students holding sticks and wearing white clothes in a roman setting
Academic Opportunities

Waiting in the wings

Student troupes explore the world of theater, and gain production experience, and bring classic and contemporary works to life on Loyola's ...

Coastal city with seaside rocks.
Field Experience

Broader horizons

Overseas trips open a world of study to MBA students.

Inas Hassan, Ph.D. in front of a whiteboard, writing and teaching Arabic to her students.
Course Snapshot

Learning a language, mastering a skill

A closer look at an Arabic course that engages students in the community.

A student in front of a camera
Field Experience

Ten years later, the sky’s the limit

GreyComm Studios offers real-world experience in television production and broadcasting.

Two young men, one on a ladder, the other on stairs, work on a townhome's plywood.
Course snapshot

Overcoming adversity, one painted door at a time

Faculty and students partner with community association to restore abandoned buildings in Baltimore.

A collage of drawings of the human form with various cultural modifications
Course Snapshot

Exploring Studio Arts 303: Life Drawing

Students in this fine arts class examine the structure—and intellectual context—of the human anatomy.

A female student holding a WLOY Loyola Radio bumper sticker
Community Engagement

Broadcasting service through Baltimore

WLOY is on the air and in the community.

Roman Forum
Study Abroad

When all roads lead to Rome

A student's long-time dream to study and live in Rome became a reality.

A female professor looks to the side in front of a white backdrop
Your First Year

Faculty Share Advice for New Students

Experts. Scholars. Gurus. Guides. Loyola faculty are much more than exceptional teachers. Hear their words of wisdom for a successful first ...

Course Snapshot

English students recover treasure trove of women’s writings

Students in Loyola's Aperio Seminar of Humane Texts brings Baltimore’s female authors to life.

An old, small, stone building sits under the starry, night sky
Study Abroad

A student’s journey to New Zealand

A student's semester in New Zealand proves to also be a journey of the mind and the heart.

A large stupa with prayer flags next to a red building
Academic Opportunities

Studying in Nepal through the Jennings Scholarship

A student shares her experience studying photojournalism in Nepal through the Jennings Scholarship.

An overhead view of a student studying with a notebook, laptop, and other notes
Advising and Support

Tackling college-level schoolwork

A student breaks down the transition from high school academics to college - and the support available to help you thrive.

Students working with planting pots in a greenhouse
Course Snapshot

Exploring Biology 310: Botany

Students in this biology class get hands-on experience with plant propagation, testing disease-fighting properties, and examining nutrient ...

Sandy Abboud smiles, surrounded by cherry blossoms.
Student Research

Meet Loyola’s 2018 Fulbright Award Winners

Greyhounds to study a variety of topics in Japan, France, and the United Kingdom.

A student writing 'LUM' on a chalkboard, while other doodles can be seen on the chalkboard
Beyond the classroom

Beyond the classroom: Adobe MAX Creativity Conference

Loyola students get the opportunity to attend Adobe MAX-The Creativity Conference, where they reflect on their passions and find focus in ...

Two students talking with eachother next to a laptop
Advising and Support

7 ways Loyola helps ease the transition to college

A student shares seven ways her first year was enhanced by the people and programs at Loyola.

Fore-edge painting of boats on the water, surrounding a small, mountainous island.
Course Snapshot

All in the details

Art history students create an exhibit of rare fore-edge paintings.

A student walking in front of the Humanities building
Life at Loyola

The Loyola Experience

The Loyola college experience is as much social, physical, and spiritual as it is intellectual.

A collage of academic photos
Jesuit Liberal Arts Education

Academics at Loyola

A Loyola University Maryland education expands the mind, inspires the spirit, and prepares students for whatever the future holds.