Loyola University Maryland

Emerging Scholars

Present at the Event

Loyola graduate students present their research each year in the form poster session and oral presentations at “Emerging Scholars: A Celebration of Graduate Research.” The ninth annual event took place on April 20, 2018.

A poster session allows most presenters a forum to informally present their work to the Loyola community (see an example of a very large-scale poster session).  Selected students in the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program conducted brief oral presentations within the library, and worked with their faculty member / advisor in preparing to apply to present.

The celebration of research also featured an awards ceremony and a wine and cheese reception. The Ferguson Gallery provides a perfect setting to allow attendees to view presenters' posters, ask questions, and discuss ideas.

Presenters are provided large, 8’ x 4’ bulletin boards for posting their research. Up to two presenters (or groups of presenters) share space on each side of the board. The University pays for professional printing of accepted presentations, up to 42” x 42” in dimension, for the Emerging Scholars event. Learn more about this printing offer.

Poster sessions were based on research conducted for a paper, capstone project, thesis or dissertation, or case study. Research can be in various stages of completion, and can come from any discipline. See some tips and guidelines.

The tenth annual Emerging Scholars event will take place in April, 2019.