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Immersion participants engage in in-depth preparation and education on campus and direct learning and relationship building opportunities with community-based organizations. The learning experience includes education about community and justice issues, group reflection before, during, and after the travel experience, and engaging in advocacy and active citizenship in ways related to the issues and communities encountered.

Participants are a part of an immersion group of 8 – 14 people. The group is supported by an Immersion Leadership Team, made up of Peer Facilitator(s) and Mentor(s) who are responsible for logistics, support, and education. Each member brings a certain value to the group. Peer facilitators offer a peer connection and accompaniment. In addition to accompaniment, Mentors provide a multi-generational perspective on community issues and integrate their academic/professional expertise. As a participant, your unique lived context and contributions will enhance the group’s experience.

Participant Experience

The immersion participant experience spans across the academic year(s) and informs one's approach to life. Throughout the experience, immersion participants attend and actively participate in:

  • Immersion group preparation meetings (1 meeting in fall semester; 6-8 meetings in spring semester; 1.5 hours each)
  • Immersion travel component (dates vary by location)
  • Post-travel immersion group meeting (1 meeting; 1.5 hours)
  • Immersion ReOrientation (1 weekend day; 4-6 hours; Spring semester for spring break travel groups and following fall semester for summer travel groups)
  • Teach-In group presentation (spring semester)
  • Advocacy Lobby Night in Annapolis (spring semester)

Participant Costs

Immersion costs are subsidized through CCSJ & Campus Ministry. All costs include airfare and/or ground transportation, room and board, and cultural immersion experiences.

  • International Immersions: $1,200

Please contact us if financial need is present and you would like to learn about scholarship opportunities.


Apply for the Immersion to the Arizona-Mexico Border in partnership with the Kino Border Initiative.

We will only be offering the Immersion on Migration to the Arizona-Mexico Border during the 2023-24 Academic Year. Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year will be made available at the start of the Fall 2023 semester.

Academic Connections

To deepen one's learning, immersion participants are encouraged to register for courses and interdisciplinary programs whose content aligns with the social issues explored through immersions. View the Fall 2019 Immersion Academic Course & Interdisciplinary Program Pairings and consider registering to continue your learning and engagement.


Pat Cassidy, CCSJ

Emily Kane, Campus Ministry