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Become a Peer Facilitator

The Immersion Peer Facilitator is a part of the Immersion Leadership team, working in collaboration with the faculty/staff/administrator Immersion Mentor(s). Together, these roles support participants in their immersion experience. The peer facilitator and mentor work closely with the CCSJ or Campus Ministry Assistant Director to plan and implement immersion opportunities that promote local, domestic and global engagement.
Accepting the challenge and opportunity to serve as a peer facilitator is a significant responsibility. In this role, as part of the Immersion Leadership Team, peer facilitators will support and collaborate with mentors to facilitate all immersion experiences before, during, and after travel. Together, they engage participants in cultivating a commitment to lifelong learning, reflection, and action. Each immersion member brings a certain value to the group. Participants’ unique lived context and contributions enhance the group’s experience. In addition to accompaniment, mentors provide a multi-generational perspective on community issues and integrate their academic/professional expertise. Peer facilitators offer a peer connection and accompaniment.

Additional information about the role can be found by reading the Peer Facilitator Role & Responsibilities. 


Complete the 2023-2024 Peer Facilitator Application by Monday, September 25th by 9am.


Pat Cassidy, CCSJ

Emily Kane, Campus Ministry