Loyola University Maryland



Historical & Current Realities of El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador
Travel dates: May 2019

For almost twenty years, Loyola has partnered with CRISPAZ to offer a faith-based immersion experience where participants learn from Salvadoran people about their lives, histories and hopes for the future. A major focus of the encounter is to reflect on the meaning of working for justice rather than working for charity, understanding one's role as a global citizen, and humanizing the different issues that are present in our societies.


Kino Border Initiative
Arizona-Mexico Border
Travel dates: May 2019

This immersion offers participants the opportunity to spend time with migrants and learn from their stories, as well as understand the broader context of the border and immigration. The immersion includes time in the comedor (soup kitchen), where participants will serve food and have the chance to speak with recently deported migrants. Groups will also participate in mass with ranchers in a rural town in southern Arizona and learn about their experiences and perspectives, attend a criminal prosecution of immigrants, meet with border patrol, and hike in the desert. Throughout the experience, participants will engage in reflection, dialogue and advocacy, translating their learned experience into action.

Peacebuilding & Reconciliation

Ballycastle, Ireland
Travel dates: Will not occur during 2018-2019 academic year.

This immersion experience offers learning through encounter, prayer/reflection and community engagement through our partner Corrymeela. While in Northern Ireland, participants will learn about the history of conflict between Protestants and Catholics and the work of peacebuilding and reconciliation. Participants will spend time analyzing the underlying dynamics of conflict, fracture, scapegoating and violence. Participants will take part in sessions using dialogue, experiential play, art, storytelling, mealtimes and shared community to embrace difference and learn how to have difficult conversations. Corrymeela's 50 years of experience in peacebuilding will equip participants with theories and practical skills for transforming conflict.

Social Realities of Haiti

Foyer Notre Dame de Lourdes
Santo, Commune de Croix des Bouquets, Haiti
Travel dates: Will not occur during 2018-2019 academic year.

As a service immersion, Haiti Together offers participants the chance to learn about the history and culture of Haiti. Participants will spend time as guests of the Foyer, an orphanage located outside Port-au-Prince. While there, participants will interact with the children, support lessons and activities, be present to support the successful functioning of the Foyer and learn through interactions with the children and staff.