Loyola University Maryland

Mental Health Task Force

Parents, Caregivers, & Community Members

Empowerment & Education

Empowerment and education are key in strengthening one’s mental health journey. Being provided the tools and access to resources for coping, healing, and awareness are key in being able to feel balanced and present in our lives, as well as feeling able to be connected and purposeful in our actions. The following resources can help with feeling empowered and educated around different dimensions of wellness and self-development. 

Counseling Center Resources for Parents & Guardians

Counseling Center 2022-2023 Annual Report

Belonging & Community

A sense of belonging is crucial to maintaining emotional and mental wellness. Mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and others are often associated with lack of belonging and at their worst can lead to community and social withdrawal. Being connected to community support helps us to manage stress and often allows for more ideas for ways to cope. The following resources can help establish a sense of belonging and community on campus.

Student Engagement Orientation Videos: a collection of videos from our Office of Student Engagement that provide information for how you can support your student in a myriad of ways while they are at Loyola.

Loyola Parents Page

CCSJ Community Partner Interest Form

Holistic Wellness Resources

There are a number of wellness-based resources to be aware of, especially since our mental health does not flourish or diminish in a vacuum! Things like our physical health, academic readiness, occupational health and more all play a role in our emotional and mental wellness. The following resources can help with addressing holistic wellness for one’s time at Loyola and beyond. 

RecWell Wellness: Loyola’s Department of Recreation and Wellness Website that includes information on resources and services for students during their time at Loyola.