Loyola University Maryland

Department of Recreation and Wellness


Wellness Pillars

The Department of Recreation and Wellness encourages the whole person to be active, healthy and inspired. We promote health and well-being through our fitness and wellness programs, mental health through our counseling services and spiritual health through our campus ministry.The department addresses student’s needs in a holistic manner - all elements of the individual are considered: intellectual, environmental, spiritual, physical, multicultural, community, mindfulness and financial.

Programs on Campus

Wellness Walk

Exercise is Medicine - On Campus

Exercise is Medicine On Campus (EIM-OC) calls upon universities and colleges to promote physical activity as a vital sign of health. EIM-OC encourages faculty, staff and students to work together toward improving the health and well-being of the campus community.

B'more Mindful

(Ways to be active within the community)


Encourages creative and stimulating mental activities. Maintaining a curiosity about all there is to learn: valuing life-long learning and responding positively to experiences and challenges.


Awareness of how behavior impacts the earth, as well as how the physical world impacts us; demonstrating a commitment to a healthy planet.


Having a sense of purpose and meaning in life; guiding beliefs, principles, and/or values that give direction to one’s life.


Encompasses a variety of healthy behaviors: involving personal responsibility, disease prevention and care for minor illnesses.


Being aware of one’s own cultural background and becoming knowledgeable about, respectful of, and sensitive to the culture of others.


Developing a supportive culture to connect and create a purposeful belonging.


Having an awareness and focus through nurturing lens without judgement.


Learning how to successfully manage finances through tools and budgeting skills to achieve realistic goals.