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Community Wellness

Students playing basketball

Animation of three people standing togetherBaltimore City Partners

Baltimore Police Youth Challenge (PYC)

The Baltimore Police Youth Challenge is a mission driven program aiming to change the perceptions and improve interactions between the youth and the Baltimore City Police Department. Created by the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School, 45 - 60 youth and police officers participate in small group challenges and specially designed trainings every Thursday. Focus areas include: specific life skill development and classroom behaviors.


Squashwise is a long-term support system program created to provide opportunities for aspiring Baltimore youth. This program focuses on academics, squash, and wellness activities. These activities prepare students for college prep and workplace readiness. Students join the Squashwise family in their middle school years and get continuous support as they achieve their educational, athletic and career goals.

Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys

The Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys is the first charter school in the city to serve exclusively boys with a continuous academic program from grades 4 through 8. The school provides the boys with the finest liberal arts education, ensuring them to become responsible citizens leading and serving their communities, nation and world. All high school boys are promised admission to their college of choice and readiness to compete at top tier colleges around the country. 

Campus Partners

Counseling Center

Coping and Connection is a supportive space where students can discuss their personal experiences, challenges, and feelings. The purpose is to share and learn coping strategies, while connecting with peers. Come together to find strength through solidarity and connection. More information on Workshops and Support Groups.    


The Center for Community, Service, and Justice (CCSJ) invites students, faculty, community partners, alumni and supporters to connect and share resources for a more just and equitable world through academic courses, community development initiatives, scholarship, service experiences, and social justice programming.