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Multicultural Wellness

FAC employees from different areas together on the basketball court

Animation of three people in front of the globeSemester Highlights

Twin Spin

Double your pleasure, double your fun! Come join us for the wildly fun 45 minute cycling workout called Twin Spin. This class maximizes calorie burn, upbeat tunes and the awesome advantages of having two instructors. You heard me right, two!! Continue to build on muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance while experiencing the ultimate workout of a lifetime. Arrive early to set up your bike and get ready to ride! Visit our Group Exercise page for dates, times, and where to sign up!


The Empower group provides a supportive space for students to explore their experiences as Students of Color on campus. Members will discuss issues such as academic stress, relationships, race/ethnicity related stress, and resilience, among others. Participating in this group will empower students while helping them achieve academic excellence, stronger relationships and support systems, and greater life satisfaction.

In, Out, & In Between

Whether you are out, questioning, or not even sure, the In, Out, and In Between group is for LGBTQPIA+ and same-gender attracted students of all backgrounds to confidentially discuss and explore aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation in a safe space.

Balance Spotlight

The Balance Spotlight is featured quarterly on the Graduate Student Newsletter to highlight the value of diversity and inclusion for graduate students. Themes explored in this newsletter postings consider the experiences of graduate students of color in particular.

Department Highlights

Intramural Sports

We are excited to kick off another semester of intramurals starting with volleyball, outdoor soccer, indoor lacrosse, and basketball at the beginning of February! Indoor lacrosse will be a brand-new sport for us, and outdoor soccer is finally returning after a 2-year hiatus! Indoor soccer and flag football will also be running the second half of the semester. Registration will be open until the first day of league play. Please check out IMLeagues for up-to-date information about times and dates of play for each league, and to register your teams!

Campus Partners

Dining Loyola

The Department of Recreation and Wellness and Dining Loyola has partnered together to highlight a monthly wellness theme meal for all to enjoy! The theme of this month is: Sweet Treats/Healthy Indulgence. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, that heart shaped candy has already started lining the shelves of stores. While there’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves to something sweet, we have a tasty alternative if you’re looking for something lighter. Try a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothie for your indulgence provided with 7 grams of protein and a significant amount of healthy fats. Check out Dining Loyola for more information about this awesome healthy snack!  

Mosaic - A Woman of Color Initiative

Mosaic is a student-based organization that provides resources, support, and encouragement for Loyola's women of color on campus and abroad. It focuses on developing an inclusive environment that breeds sisterhood and continued support while involving, informing, and inspiring women. Details involving this organization and contact information can be found on the clubs and organizations page.

ALANA Services

Sister to Sister is a holistic retention program for women of color at Loyola University Maryland. It provides women with the knowledge and tools for personal success and motivation towards serving the whole community through leadership and excellence. The bi-weekly meetings (sister circles) provide a supportive network where women can engage in thoughtful discussion and self-expression related to the challenges, celebrations, and complexities within their experiences at Loyola. More details provided on the Sister to Sister page.

Counseling Center

Excel is a virtual support group for students who have a disability or face learning challenges.  Excel provides a space for students to discuss their unique challenges related to virtual learning and find support to navigate learning hurdles.  Students will also be able to share resources, learn stress management skills, and discuss self-care.  Students do not need to be registered with Disability Support Services to join this group. Learn more about Workshops and Support Groups.

Join a conversation for all students, regardless of race, to explore barriers that prevent all individuals from engaging in racial equity work through our Abolishing Racism: White Accountability Space. This space will focus on addressing ways white people perpetuate harm and contribute to individualized and systemic racism. This conversation is an important step in dismantling racism without relying on people of color to do the emotional labor. Please email Jason Parcover, PhD, at for more information. Interested students can register with the Counseling Center.

Diversity Series Partners