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Financial Wellness

Loyola's Fitness and Aquatics Center building

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Club Sports Allocation Presentations

In the month of March, club sports become very active both on and off the field with competition. On the field, many of our outdoor sports are competing most weekend. Friendly competition begins between teams at Loyola as they work to propose the best financial allocation pitch to secure funds for the next year. Teams are asked to reflect on their budget from the current fiscal year and consider hopeful future endeavors as a team before making the most financially responsible request for their future budget allocations. They are then tasked with giving a 10-15min presentation on how they plan to use funding.

Long-Term Financial Planning - SLT and Seniors

This class will take place with our student leadership team on teachings about financial literacy and tools on how to navigate your own financial planning and staying responsible with money management. Dr. John Peter Krahel, associate professor of accounting, will conduct the class on Monday or Wednesday in mid-March. The well-being of money management has been an essential focus of the Department of Recreation and Wellness. Here we would like to teach our students tools and practices of financial responsibility as they become more independent, preparing for the future. Dr. John Peter Krahel, associate professor of accounting will be conducting a class on Wednesday, March 18th from 4pm – 6pm on this particular issue. Topics include: budgeting, student loans, how to file for taxes and much, much more! Please contact Latisha Burns, our assistant director of fitness and wellness at for further details!

Campus Partners

Career Center - Career Accelerator

Career Accelerator is a 3.5 day pre-fall program involving career exploration, career treks, and a day of service in the Baltimore community. By the end of the program, students will be able to identify their interests, values, and strengths; articulate what the career exploration process involves; demonstrate the roles that their own self-attributes play in their career exploration; construct a basic resume and a plan for next steps; cultivate a peer network of other students in similar career phases; and recognize the value of serving others as a foundational career theme. Visit the Career Center for more information.