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Loyola to offer new 12-credit Kodály certification program

Kodaly certification program stock photo

Beginning this summer, Loyola’s American Kodály Institute will offer a new Certificate in Kodály Music Education program. The 12-credit, cohort-style program will be offered in three successive summer terms. Endorsed by the Organization of Kodály Educators (OAKE), this program is available to individuals with a bachelor’s degree seeking expert knowledge in personal musicianship and pedagogical expertise.

Unique in its music and education course offerings, Loyola's Certificate in Kodály Music Education program provides music educators with comprehensive musicianship and pedagogical training. The Kodály philosophy is singing-based and enables students to develop the musical skills to understand what they hear and apply that understanding to reading, writing, improvisation, composition, and overall musical artistry.

“Loyola already has a strong master’s program in place. This new certificate program gives students the opportunity to join a large, global network of like-minded, highly skilled music educators throughout Maryland, the United States, and abroad,” said Lauren McDougle, director of the American Kodály Institute at Loyola.

The curriculum for the three summer programs consists of Kodály certification Level I, II, and III. Courses include Conducting, Materials, Musicianship, and Pedagogy. Students receive their OAKE endorsed Certificate in Kodály Music Education following the successful completion of all OAKE and Loyola course requirements, and the song collection and indices. 

Students from other OAKE-endorsed Kodály certificate programs will be able to transfer into Loyola’s Certificate in Kodály Music Education program. Students that transfer into the program and successfully complete Levels I, II, III, and all required coursework will receive their Certificate in Kodály Music Education from Loyola’s American Kodály Institute. 

In addition, students that enroll in the stand-alone Certificate in Kodály Music Education program will have the option of applying and transferring into Loyola’s M.Ed. program after completing Level I courses, or their first year. Students that switch into the master’s degree program will take five online credits in between the first and second summer to meet the 36-credit hour requirement for the master’s degree. 

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