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Kodály Certificate Program

The American Kodály Institute (AKI) offers courses toward earning a Kodály certificate. The 12-credit program is designed as a multi-summer cohort style program offered in three successive summer terms and is endorsed by the Organization of Kodály Educators. This program is available to individuals with a Bachelor’s degree, and is recommended if pursuing a Master’s Equivalency, or the Master’s +30 or Master's +60 options.

Program Overview

  • Credits: 12
  • Delivery: In-Person
  • Next Admission Term: Summer 2025
  • Class Duration: 2 weeks
  • Format: Full-time
  • Time of Completion: 3 successive summers

Unique in its music and education course offerings, Loyola's Kodály certificate provides music educators with comprehensive musicianship and pedagogical training that benefit personal musicianship and curricular expertise. The Kodály philosophy is singing-based, and enables students to develop the musical skills to understand what they hear and apply that understanding to reading, writing, improvisation, composition, and overall musical artistry.

Program Format

Kodály certificate courses run for two weeks each July. Students generally complete their three levels during three consecutive summers. Each level includes four two-week courses, with four credits at each level for a total of 12 credits. The three summers consist of Kodály certification Level I, II, and III courses: Conducting, Materials, Musicianship, and Pedagogy.

Students receive their OAKE endorsed Kodály certification following the successful completion of all OAKE and Loyola course requirements, and the song collection and indices.

The Kodály certificate program requires a full schedule of classes during the day in addition to several hours of practice and homework in the evening and on the weekends. It is essential that students clear their schedules of other activities while participating in the summer institute.

Program Flexibility

Students from other OAKE endorsed Kodály certificate programs will be able to transfer into the Kodály certificate program at AKI. Students that transfer into the program and successfully complete Levels I, II, III and all required coursework will receive Kodály certification from AKI.

In addition, students that enroll in the stand-alone Kodály certificate program will have the option of applying to and transferring into the M.Ed program after completing Level I courses, or their first year. Students that switch into the master’s degree program will take 5 online credits in between the first and second summer to meet the 36 credit hour requirement for the master’s degree.

OAKE program guidelines permit teachers to enroll in one or two segments of the certification program, such as only Materials and Pedagogy. However, students who opt for this limited course of study will not be awarded Kodály certification, only documentation of attendance and contact hours. 

Program Benefits

  • For anyone with a bachelor's degree and background in music
  • Cohort-based
  • 2 week summer sessions
  • Outstanding music facilities
  • Distinguished faculty of world-class master teachers
  • Customized instruction and individual attention
  • Training in conducting, musicianship, and pedagogy
  • Application of the latest music education research
  • Emphasis on practical materials, methods, and sequencing
  • Meets OAKE Kodály teacher-training guidelines

Program Outcomes

  • Kodály certification
  • With a strong master’s program already in place at Loyola, certificate-only students join a large network of like-minded, highly skilled music educators throughout Maryland, the US, and abroad.
  • The certificate-only program can provide additional support to teachers.
  • Students who complete the Kodály certificate will be experts in their subject area. With your training, you gain knowledge and skills in the areas of personal musicianship and pedagogical expertise.
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