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Loyola students gain real-world experience with Synchronoss Technologies

Loyola University Maryland students worked with Synchronoss Technologies Inc. to refine the sign-up process for Synchronoss Personal Cloud, the tech company’s app for storing, organizing and protecting digital content. Students were tasked with examining the app’s onboarding interface as part of a project management course for undergraduates offered by Loyola’s Sellinger School of Business.

After reviewing the app’s functionality and aesthetics, and comparing it to the competition, the students presented their findings, which included opportunities for improvement, to Synchronoss Technologies’ senior management. The collaboration between academia and the business enterprise gave the students real-world work experience and provided Synchronoss with insights on their product through the lens of young, innovative thinkers.

“The idea behind the program was to learn from the students while they were learning what it’s like to work in a corporate environment,” said Brittany Beckert Rutledge, senior product marketing manager for Synchronoss Technologies. “Personal Cloud is a product we are proud of, so naturally we were excited about putting it in the hands of 20 energetic and tech-savvy users to gain their perspective about enhancing the user experience.”

Beckert Rutledge is a graduate of Sellinger and serves on the advisory board for the school’s department of information systems, law and operations. She also participates in a mentorship program for Loyola students.

Based in Synchronoss Technologies’ offices in Dublin, Ireland, Beckert Rutledge led the project virtually allowing students to experience how business today is conducted across cultures, countries, and time zones. She gave the students an overview to push them creatively and checked their progress every few weeks.

“My team was impressed with the feedback the students provided, and we plan to implement some of their suggestions within our Personal Cloud app. I was really pleased with the outcomes of the project. From the students’ maturity in taking on this project, to their accountability in delivering results, their confidence in presenting to our leadership team made it clear that Sellinger is doing an excellent job preparing our future business leaders,” she said.

Kimberly Wagner, executive in residence at the Sellinger School, taught the course.

“As students progressed with the project,” she said, “they grew in confidence and learned about the different phases of project management. It was rewarding to see them learn hard skills that they will be able to incorporate into their future careers. We are giving students high-impact experiences that develop the skills they need for success, and they are giving Synchronoss a tremendous product.”