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Students in Loyola's biology program benefit from hands-on laboratory experiences, research opportunities with faculty, and a robust curriculum. Together, these experiences create a holistic learning environment that prepares graduates for successful admission to graduate and professional schools or for direct entry into the field. More than half of majors go on to medical, dental, or graduate school—with acceptance rates to professional schools that are nearly twice the national average.

Loyola adds endowed professor in innovation to advance scientific research in biohealth

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Loyola's Donnelly Science Center features state-of-the-art instructional labs and facilities for cell culture, neurobiology, forensic analysis, anatomy, and microscopy. Take advantage of our 24/7 Bio Student Learning Center and additional spaces designed for studying and group work.

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Marie (the seal) sitting on the edge of the pool at the National Aquarium's rehabilitation center

From the classroom to the coast

A student shares his experience as an intern with the National Aquarium in Baltimore—and how it shaped his academic path and career goals.

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