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Senior Projects 2017

Warning Fatigue: An Experiment

Sunaina  Gandotra

Student: Sunaina Gandotra
Client: Paola Pascula-Ferra

Warning fatigue is when a person becomes desensitized to persistent and frequent warnings and alarms. Prof. Pascula-Ferra’s research delves into the effects on response time and level of importance individuals demonstrate toward these alarms over time. The application will assist Professor Pascula-Ferra in gathering demographic information through an initial survey, data of response times and frequency of actual responses, and exit survey data. The application also hosts a game in which players choose whether or not they wish to heed the warning of an oncoming train as they try to cross the tracks to gather food for their starving families. If the player ignores the family's cries for food the family will die of starvation. If they act on these cries they must decide whether they want to risk crossing when they are being warned about an oncoming train.

ADP Scraper

Arthur Greenbert

Student: Arthur Greenberg
Client: Constant Advancement

The project's purpose is to develop a web scraper and data analyzer for employees' 401k information. The program will manage user cookies and login information while navigating through a company's payroll web pages dynamically to find information relevant to user selected metrics. Once relevant data has been identified and synthesized, the metrics and data will be displayed back to the user as a web page.


Christian Hew

Student: Christian Hew
Client: Charlie Wilson , John Ruhl, Theodore Labrecque, Kevin Carroll, Dario Camporeale

My senior project is primarily writing the navigation software for an automated trash disposal robot. Using a variety of hardware, from ultrasonic sensors to a GPS module, the software will allow the robot to navigate to a user desired location while avoiding obstacles. The software will also record weight metrics from the robot to be stored for further examination.

The Visual Arts Notebook


Student: Kersley Jatto
Client: Merie-Robie Craven

The Visual Arts Notebook will be a digital notebook that will allow students and teachers to collect and collaborate on their art and existing art. The app aims to combine the benefits of having a personal drawing space that cannot be lost easily with the benefits of social media applications and forums. The app, in merging both worlds, will allow students to communicate with their classmates and teachers in order to get feedback on their work in a moderated setting.

Campus Ministry System

Zahara Kazmi

Student: Zahara Kazmi
Client: Loyola University Maryland Campus Ministry

I am working to create a database for campus ministry which will work alongside a Web Interface. The system will also implement an artificial intelligence algorithm which would give predictions for event planning to have specific attendance.

Inside T-Rex

Esteban Keplinger

Student: Esteban Keplinger
Client: T-Rex Corporation

I'll be developing an iOS/Android application for T-Rex that will act as a productivity/time management tool for employees. They'll be able to do things like track daily tasks, get meeting reminders, send messages, etc. Additionally, I'll be implementing a succession-planning algorithm that will allow management to identify future leaders within the workplace, and evaluate desirable candidates based on those results.

Parameter Optimization of Agent-Based Simulations

Students: Jessa Laspesa and Ned Taylor
Client: Dr. Megan Olsen

Simulations are useful pieces of software that model real world systems. Often times, it is useful for researchers to know which set of parameters (individuals or characteristics) will produce a specific outcome. This task is especially difficult with simulations that closely resemble the real world such as a Wolf-Sheep Model, which simulates an ecosystem of wolves (predator) and sheep (prey). Our research focuses on creating a system that uses artificial intelligence techniques to produce the ideal parameters for a given outcome, in order to aid future researchers.

Miller Rebuilt

Joshua Mackin

Student: Josh Mackin
Client: Miller Construction & Refrigeration

The goal of this software is to manage all projects being handled by the Miller Construction & Refrigeration employees. The objectives to accomplish that goal are that this software can add and edit projects in a usable way. It will also provide security in that the projects exist safely and securely on a database behind the web application. The software will also notify users of issues before they become problems via in-application notifications.

MRC Recruiter Application

Kathleen Norton

Student: KT Norton
Client: MRC group

For this project, I will be building an application for MRC group, an independent executive recruiting firm. MRC group needs a comprehensive application that will store all appropriate candidate information, which allows recruiters to search and find candidates based on sales, management and technical criteria that will be assigned to each candidate.

Roland Park Bagels Loyalty Program

Students: Michael Perkins and Ellen Studer
Client: Roland Park Bagels

The goal of Roland Park Bagel Loyalty Program is to provide our customer with a more efficient and appropriate way to give back to his customers, essentially increasing customer relations.  We will be building an iOS application alongside a web-based application with two parts.  The iOS application will be for customers to earn and track their rewards earned through purchases made at the shop.  One part of the web-based application is for our client to keep track of customer metrics, including but not limited to most popular rewards, most liked or disliked offerings and top earners.  The other part of the web-based application will be for customers to log on and see their own metrics, as well as, place catering orders.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Student: Stefanie Wolf
Client: Dr. Lawrie

My research focuses on applying new developments in machine learning to Dr. Lawrie’s research in Natural Language Processing. I am using TensorFlow’s Word2Vec algorithm to learn word embeddings from text. This will help improve relationship extraction when populating a Knowledge Base from scratch.

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