Loyola University Maryland

Department of Engineering

Faculty & Staff


Robert Bailey
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Wayne Elban
Professor Emeritus
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Raenita Fenner
Associate Professor and Chair
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David Hoe
Associate Professor
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Suzanne Keilson
Associate Professor
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Yanko Kranov
Teaching Assistant Professor
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Hoyeon Kim
Teaching Assistant Professor
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Robert Pond, Jr.
Affiliate Professor
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Doug Ashworth
Affiliate Instructor

Mark Krawczewicz
Affiliate Instructor

Marcia Middleton, P.E.
Affiliate Assistant Professor

Dr. Sarvnaz Lotfi
Affiliate Instructor

Dr. Naresh Poudel
Affiliate Instructor



Nakia Davis
Program Assistant

Robert Pond

Rob Pond, Ph.D.

This engineering professor is particularly passionate about getting women involved in the field