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Ignatian Year Podcast

Welcome to This Ignatian Year, a series of conversations hosted by Seán Bray, Assistant Vice President for Mission and Dr. Paola Pascual-Ferrá, Associate Professor in the Communications Department at Loyola University Maryland.

Episode 1: Welcome to this Ignatian Year. In our first episode we talk about what this Ignatian Year means, the healing power of spiritual conversations, and ways in which the life of Saint Ignatius has helped us navigate ‘cannonball moments’ in our own lives.

You can listen to our first episode on SoundCloud or watch it on YouTube (English captioning available)

After listening to our conversation, we invite you to reflect on the following questions:

  1. What was the fruit of this conversation for you?
  2. What consoles you from this conversation?
  3. Was there something in this conversation that was difficult?
  4. What do you need to move forward with hope?
  5. Where is it that God is speaking to you today?

If you want to go deeper, we suggest the following links:

Here are links to some of the references mentioned in this episode:

In closing, we offer a short prayer adapted from the film “A Limping Pilgrim” by Chamika Nipun, SJ:

Lord, through your mercy, set me free from my illusions
and purify my attachments so that I may experience
true freedom to live.