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Interfaith Strategic Plan


Loyola University Maryland’s Interfaith Strategic Plan is a comprehensive strategy designed to encourage interfaith dialogue and cooperation on our campus community and in the greater Baltimore area. The plan serves as a means for the systematic expression of Loyola’s commitment to fostering Ignatian citizenship, and cultivating authentic interfaith relationship building between diverse faith traditions at our institution. The need for such work has been identified by multiple constituents on campus, including faculty, staff, administration, students, and community partners.

Strategic Goals

In order to meet the needs of our community, the Interfaith Strategic Plan focuses on three strategic goals:
1. Interfaith Education
2. Interfaith Immersions (Local and Global)
3. Interfaith Events

Interfaith Education

The Education Initiative of Loyola University’s Interfaith Strategic Plan is designed to support and promote the goals of the Loyola University’s Strategic Plan (The Ignatian Compass) by forging an innovative path of learning (and unlearning biases) through interfaith education. It will focus on developing greater understanding among Loyola community members about different faith traditions utilizing academic, theoretical and practical approaches.

Interfaith Events

The Events Initiative of Loyola University’s Interfaith Strategic Plan is designed to focus on providing campus and community members’ opportunities to practice, celebrate, and explore religious diversity and helping to promote inclusiveness on Loyola’s campus through various interfaith events.

Interfaith Commitment to Collaboration

Loyola’s success in accomplishing the goals of the Interfaith Strategic plan greatly depends upon our collaborative efforts with other partner organizations. One organization that has been essential in supporting our work is the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), a national non-profit organization based in Chicago that strives to turn religious diversity into a positive force in our society. IFYC partnered with us and provided funding for our strategic planning and implementation process.