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Whether you begin your journey at Loyola with a specific goal in mind or not, you're here because of your commitment to developing yourself and preparing for the next steps in your life.

Our approach is grounded in the reality that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work in navigating the career journey of today's students and professionals. We've created a unique four phase process to meet any student or graduate where they are and help them move forward with purpose.

Self-discovery, exploration, preparation, active pursuit

Our phased approach includes an initial cycle of self-discovery and experience aligned with Loyola’s commitment to the Ignatian Pedagogy. Once you develop a confident vision of what you want to pursue, the final two phases focus on practical preparation and pursuit.


The early stages of exploring possibilities or making a transition in your career begin with assessing yourself. What do you know about your values, interest areas, and talents? What are the moments in life that get you excited and engaged, and what drains your energy?

Career Center offerings:


With a clear understanding of where you currently are, the next phase focuses on gaining broad experience in the world. The goal is to test your assumptions in order to confirm what you know or discover new insights. Get ready to not only explore things of interest to you, but also take some risks outside of your comfort zone. The results will lead to additional self-discovery and may surprise you!

Career Center offerings:


Your efforts through the phases of self-discovery and experience are designed to uncover a specific goal for where you want to go next. This is not just about finding a job or seeking an advanced degree after you graduate; it also includes getting ready for significant internship or research opportunities that build out your resume and deepen your understanding of career possibilities. Preparation means building your personal brand, practicing your interviewing techniques, and learning about all the resources you can leverage in your search.

Career Center offerings:

  • Appointments and workshops on resume / curriculum vita and personal brand best practices
  • LinkedIn and Handshake profile creation and navigation guidance
  • "Acing Your Interview" 2-hour workshop
  • On-campus practice interview program
  • Coaching to refine your resume and cover letter for specific industries / career tracks
  • Interview preparation
  • Mock Interviews for Counseling/Clinical Psychology, Psy.D, School Counseling, Pastoral Counseling

Active Pursuit

The final phase is all about confidently executing your search and achieving your goal. At this point, your efforts in the first three phases have empowered you with a better understanding of yourself, opportunities that fit your career goals, and the tools to help you turn your vision of success into reality.

Career Center offerings:

  • Handshake job and internship search platform
  • On-campus interviewing program
  • Interacting with alumni to discover hidden opportunities (Loyola Connect powered by PeopleGrove)
  • Career fairs with local and regional employers
  • Coaching on job search strategies
Once you achieve your goal in the active pursuit phase, the journey is not over! Throughout your career you will continue to discover new things about yourself as you learn and explore different opportunities. Our four-phase process is one you’ll keep revisiting through your entire career. Whatever phase you find yourself in right now, let’s get started working together today.
Phil Leverrier

Phil Leverrier

For Phil, Loyola’s core values and the experience he gained managing and leading a team through his involvement on campus have led him to career success