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Disability and Accessibility Services

Helpful Tips for Professors Regarding Students Testing with DAS

Tests Proctored by Disability Support Services: Some Helpful Tips for Professors


Students registered with Disability Support Services (DSS) are instructed to notify professors if they need classroom accommodations.

You will receive an email with a subject line Notification of Disability Support Services from Marcia Wiedefeld. The email will list the student’s individualized classroom accommodations.

Refer a student to DSS if he or she indicates he or she receives disability accommodations and you have not received a Notification of Disability Services email.

Alternative Testing Agreement

If the student receives accommodations for testing, please complete the Alternative Testing Agreement. The link for the agreement is in the Notification of Disability Support Services. The agreement should automatically copy for other students in the same course and section. Contact DSS if you want the agreement copied for other courses.

If you plan to provide testing accommodations, check the box indicating you will proctor your own tests.

If you want DSS to proctor tests for your course, please answer the questions in the Alternative Testing Agreement. When indicating the amount of time you give the class for different types of assessments (such as, quizzes, tests, midterms, and finals), do not calculate extra time for the student requesting accommodations.

Student’s Responsibility

DSS asks students to clarify arrangements for receiving test accommodations with their professors. We suggest this conversation occur shortly after the Notification of Disability Support Services email is sent.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify DSS if he or she wants DSS to proctor a test.

You can privately ask students if they plan to test with DSS. You can also remind them to submit a testing request to DSS a week before the exam date if they plan to test with DSS.

We require one week's notice for all requests. DSS cannot guarantee arrangements for late exam requests.

Once a Student Makes a Proctoring Request

When a student submits an online request to take a test proctored by DSS, you will receive an email with the subject line New Exam Request from dss@loyola.edu.

Providing DSS the Test for Proctoring

We ask you to deliver your test to DSS 3-business days before your student is scheduled to test with DSS. DSS absolutely needs the test in our office by 3:00 pm on the business day before the scheduled proctoring date.

There are different ways to deliver your test to DSS for proctoring:

  1. Upload the test using the link in the New Exam Request email (preferred method). The link is at the bottom of the email
  2. Email the exam to testingrooms@loyola.edu. In the email, please indicate the course and section number (for example, PL 101.006), as well as the name of the student who will be completing the exam
  3. Deliver the test directly to the DSS office, Newman Towers, West 107. The DSS office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Questions— Contact DSS for additional information at DSS@loyola.edu.