Loyola University Maryland

Disability and Accessibility Services

Helpful Links

Visit the following links for employment opportunities and information:

- Information on Disclosure:

- Mentorship and Networking information:

  • National Disability Mentoring Coalition is a great resource for students and recent graduates with disabilities to connect with professionals for opportunities in job fields of their interest.
  • Disability In offers an expansive assortment of opportunities, including a 6-month career mentoring program opportunity for students and recent graduates with a disability.

- Internship Opportunities:

  • American Association of People with Disabilities provides many different internship opportunities for students and recent graduates with a disability. Students who have worked within the program have been afforded internship opportunities in congressional offices, federal agencies, and in other non-profit organizations.

- Federal Job Opportunities:

  • The Department of Justice provides great information for how individuals with a disability seeking employment can do so through the “Schedule A” resource. 
  • The Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal and private-sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to demonstrate their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs.

- Online Hiring Opportunities:

  • Ability Jobs is an online service where 100% of job postings are from employers who are seeking to hire individuals with a disability.

Additional information on employment can be found on the Loyola Career Center Resources page.