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Dining Services

Culinary Gold Standards

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Loyola Dining's cooking methods focus on fresh, local, non-processed ingredients to ensure maximum flavor, nutrients, and freshness.

  • Foods are prepared-to-order, or cooked in small batches as close to service as possible
  • No MSG or food preservatives are added to any items produced in our kitchen
  • Fresh, organic, cage-free shelled eggs are available daily – cooked to-order
  • Seasonal fresh vegetables are offered daily
  • Pizza dough is freshly made from scratch
  • All entrée meats are roasted in-house
  • Locally sourced ground beef is used for hamburgers and entrées
  • When possible, we follow recommendations of sustainable seafood organizations
  • Menus emphasize the use of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains
  • Vegan entrée selections are offered at all meals
  • Real local dairy products are always used.  No imitations are allowed
  • Soups and sauces are made from-scratch and utilize fresh stock
  • Fried entrées are hand-breaded
  • Mashed potatoes are made from-scratch using fresh, whole potatoes
  • Fresh-cut French fries, using locally grown potatoes when available, are offered at our grill daily
  • Use of fresh herbs is preferred
  • A minimum of five seasonal fresh hand fruits are served daily.  Local, seasonal varieties are preferred
  • Cookies and muffins are baked fresh daily in our kitchens
  • We use and serve only rBST-free milk
  • We use only trans fat-free oil

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