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Healthy Hound Program

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Well On Your Way

Health, wellness, and nutrition are complex and individualized concepts, often impacted by political, cultural, and social factors. Science is ever-evolving, as are fad diets and nutrition trends. Parkhurst’s vision and promise is to provide an exciting variety of nutritious foods, available all day and every day and seamlessly infused across station and concepts, to support the well-being and unique dietary needs of every Parkhurst guest.

Well on Your Way has been developed to include Physical, Mental and Social approaches to Wellness.

Physical: Foods

Minimum standards have been developed to ensure that wholesome, nutritious, and plant-forward options are consistently incorporated into cycle menus and spread throughout dining areas. It is not an ‘eat this, not that’ approach or a dedicated station for the “healthy” option. Instead, we look to embrace minimally processed ingredients, whole grains, legumes and plant proteins, plant fats, moderate sodium and fat and conscious portion sizes across each location.

Mental: Education, Freedom of Choice, and Self-care

Since our relationship with food greatly affects our mental wellness, we want to encourage our guests to try new foods and learn more about the health benefits of items on our menu without the pressure or guilt to make a food choice because it’s ‘healthy’ or ‘right.’ Rather than labeling nutritious choices as such, we hope to influence guests’ decisions through the availability of wholesome items, Chef Tasting experiences to sample new things, compelling social media content, and other guest engagement programming. You will see these strategies and content infused into our monthly dining events calendars.

Social: Connecting Around Food

We want our dining locations to be social hubs for our community where people network, celebrate, build relationships, and make memories. Theme meals, Pop Up events, partnering with various groups for diversity, cooking classes, Dietitian lunch and learns, and wellness fairs are opportunities to use our food programs to promote social wellness for our guests. The execution of our minimum standards throughout our menus supports food inclusivity, ensuring that every guest, regardless of their unique dietary needs or preferences, can enjoy our dining locations with their peers.


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