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Catering Services and Policies

Types of Service


All courses are served at your table. Depending on the time constraints of your event, the salad and/or dessert courses can be pre-set. Pricing is based on a single-menu entrée selection.


This style of service offers a variety of menu choices. Quantities of food prepared will adequately serve the number of guaranteed guests. This, however, does not imply all-you-can-eat. A buffet is suggested when the following may occur:

  • Guests arriving at different times
  • Physical layout of the room is appropriate
  • Mixed crowd requiring a varied menu
  • Lack of facilities to serve formally
  • A more informal style of event

Delivery With Set-Up and Pick-Up

A service charge of $25 applies to all delivered orders in order to cover expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, delivery, and pick-up. Delivery times are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Any delivery before or after these times may incur an additional charge. Pricing includes the pickup of all equipment. All equipment is the sole property of Loyola Catering Services and must be secured by the customer until picked up by our staff. Any equipment not returned or returned damaged will incur full replacement cost. We require a budget number at the time of the order to ensure that your event can be billed in a timely fashion.

Pick-Up Service

Carry-out service can be arranged for items you may wish to pick up from Loyola Catering. All items will be served on disposable service ware.

Service Charges

  • Server: $27 per hour - 4 hour minimum
  • Bartender: $35 per hour - 4 hour minimum
  • Captain: $38 per hour - 4 hour minimum
  • Chef: $30 per hour - 4 hour minimum

When scheduling your event, remember that set-up and break-down time is also required.


We reserve the right to adjust or change pricing from what is printed based on location, seasonal availability, and current market price of products found in our catering guide. Once your contract is signed, your prices are guaranteed. Sales tax will be added to the bill for all non-Loyola events unless proof of exemption is provided.

Final Guarantee

At the time of booking, we will send you a copy of the event sheet for your final approval. We ask that you sign the event sheet to verify that you understand the menu charges and then return it within 24 hours to the Dining Services catering office. The expected count that you give us should be as accurate as possible. The catering department will plan, purchase, and invoice for all guests that you indicate will attend. A final guarantee number must be given to the Dining Services catering office no later than 72 hours (3 business days) prior to the event (Wednesday in the case of a Monday event). If no final count is obtained, we will prepare and charge for the original number of guests. Cancellations up to four (4) days prior to the event are without charge. After three (3) days prior to the day of the event, the charge will be 25% of the cost of the event. Same day cancellations will result in a full charge of the entire event.

Payment Arrangements

At the time your order is placed, we will need your budget number so that we can start processing your event. If you are not billing through the Loyola billing department and are not Loyola University faculty, staff, or a current student, we require an advance deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of the event. The balance is due at the time of the event, paid in either cash or check. Any additional costs incurred during the event will be billed within 7 days of the event and payment is expected 15 days after that. A 20% service fee will be charged to any event not sponsored by Loyola University Maryland.

Food Safety

Dining Services takes exceptional care to follow recommended proper food handling procedures in the best interests of our clients and guests to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness. As such, we have certain service guidelines designed to help us maintain this high level of food safety practice. These guidelines include not serving or making available for service any food or beverage that was not produced or supplied by Loyola University Maryland Dining Services or one of our approved vendors; adhering to time limits that food may be held safely for service; limiting the service of certain foods to certain locations and conditions under which food safety guidelines can be upheld; and keeping customers from removing perishable foods from functions for later consumption. These and other guidelines have been put in place to help protect you and the University from the risk of foodborne illness.


The catering department reserves the right to substitute items based on product availability. We will make every attempt to inform you of this change as far in advance as possible. Please discuss with the catering director any special dietary requirements. In case of inclement weather, please discuss a secondary plan to ensure the success of your event.


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