Loyola University Maryland

Emergency Preparedness

Business Continuity Plan

Unlike the comprehensive emergency operations plan, which describes the way the University will respond to an incident on campus that impacts our normal operations; the business continuity plan provides information and guidance on how to restore critical operations following a significant campus incident. As good stewards of Loyola’s mission, departments need to be ready to meet the challenges of any disruption by evaluating, mitigating, and planning their specific responses to a variety of possible scenarios. This preparation is known as business continuity planning. 

CPOtracker is a web based tool adopted by the University and is used in the development of each department’s business continuity plan. This program will store disaster recovery information and materials that can be accessed quickly in order to return to normal operations as soon as possible during and after an emergency. 

All campus departments are required to have a completed business continuity plan. Plans can be created or updated by using the link to CPOtracker available on the SharePoint site (access restricted to BCP managers). 

To assist offices with their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) development, we have created several resources to help you.

  • CPOtracker Quick Start Guide – Technology Services created this guide to provide instruction on how to upload and manage your recovery information and materials using the CPOtracker software
  • Business Continuity Planning – FAQ – this guide contains a list of frequently asked questions to help your department develop a business continuity plan
  • Business Impact Analysis Template – this template is a tool that can be used by departments to determine the effect of an interruption on the services that they provide to the University
  • Business Continuity Plan Template  – this is a template that will allow you to organize information so that you can input it into the CPOtracker software

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also has training available on Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations planning:

If you have questions or need information on how to use CPOtracker to set up your BCP, please contact Tim Enders in Technology Services at extension 2542 or tenders@loyola.edu.