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A trainer holding a microphone addresses an audience at circular tables

NIMS/ICS Training

Training is an integral part of emergency planning.  All members of the University’s Emergency Management Team are required to complete at a minimum the following FEMA courses:

FEMA recommends using Internet Explorer 6 or higher (Windows) or using Firefox 1.5 (Windows or Mac) to take Independent Study courses. 

Training specific for Institutions of Higher Education:

The courses listed below are recommended for anyone wanting additional in-depth training or information:   

Additional courses of interest are available on the FEMA independent study website

EOP Training

Loyola will conduct a functional exercise annually, involving all response personnel, faculty, staff, and students, as warranted. The remaining exercises may be of a smaller scale and include focused tabletops or orientations that involve only portions of the EOP.  

For information and training regarding the Emergency Operations Plan, please contact Tom Hettleman in Environmental Health and Safety at ext. 1120 or

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Training

SharePoint is a web based tool adopted by the University and is used to store each department’s BCP. This program will store disaster recovery information and materials that can be accessed quickly in order to return to normal operations as soon as possible during and after an emergency. 

For assistance regarding Business Continuity Planning, please contact Tom Hettleman in Environmental Health & Safety at ext. 1120 or

Additionally, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also has training available on Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations: