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EHS is a service department dedicated to promoting and supporting efforts to protect human health, safety and the environment. EHS, along with administration, faculty, staff, and students develops and implements Loyola’s safety policies and procedures to establish and maintain a safe and healthy community.

EHS provides training, consultation, and services in the areas of fire safety, public health, air and water quality, worker health and safety, biohazards, and chemical waste disposal and cleanup. EHS is the primary contact for federal, state, and local regulatory agencies regarding matters of health, safety and the environment.

Services Offered

  • Fire safety program management
  • Fire system maintenance and repair
  • Fire system equipment testing and inspection
  • Building life safety code inspections
  • Safety inspections and evaluations of potential hazards
  • Accident investigation
  • Safety training
  • Development of safety protocols, procedures and policies
  • HAZMAT emergency response
  • Environmental program development
  • Chemical, infectious, and radiological waste disposal
  • Regulatory compliance inspections
  • Indoor air and water quality testing and inspection

Download our EHS brochure to view a summary of the services that we offer.