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Fire Safety

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Fire safety is a vitally important area of concern for Loyola University Maryland. The potential for loss of life or injury from a fire related incident is one of the most serious risks a university must face. Therefore, EHS and public safety have instituted a comprehensive fire safety program, which requires an ongoing commitment on the part of the entire university community. Careful planning, implementation and maintenance are all essential aspects of a successful fire safety program.

EHS conducts fire drills, performs life safety inspections and provides education to students, faculty and staff on fire safety topics to promote safety and keep our community in compliance with life safety codes and general property liability.

Residence Hall Fire Drills

Fire drills are an important aspect of ensuring the safety of the students that live on campus.  By conducting fire drills, students are given the opportunity to hear the fire alarm and evacuate under controlled circumstances.  EHS and Public Safety work with Student Life staff, students, and the local fire department to provide unannounced fire drills twice each year in each residence hall. These drills are conducted at the beginning of each semester and are required as part of the Campus Fire Safety Right to Know Act.  For more information please see Loyola’s Annual Security and Fire Report.

Annual Campus Fire Log

In accordance with the Higher Education Act and the Student Fire Safety Act, Loyola’s campus fire safety log is available for viewing upon request.

To receive a hard-copy, please come to our office located at 5104 York Road Suite 200, or contact EHS at or call (410) 617-2972. In person requests can be made Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm (excluding Holidays or when the University is closed). 

Anytime there is an incident of fire on campus, the information is recorded in the fire log.  The logs are organized chronologically by year.  Within each log, the incidents are organized chronologically by date, and the most recent occurrence is located at the bottom of the list.  Six items are typically disclosed in the fire log (Nature of Fire, Date/Time Occurred, Date reported, General Location, Incident Number and Property Value).

Campus Evacuation Information

Each residential and academic building has a detailed Emergency Evacuation Plan that includes emergency procedures, rally points, fire system information, floor plans, utility shutoff locations and other important information.  These plans are compliant with OSHA regulations and are available upon request. To see the general campus evacuation procedures, please click the documents below.

Crowd Manager Training

The Baltimore City Fire Marshal’s Office is now requiring all places of business to certify personnel as crowd control managers. If interested, use the following link to access the online training program developed by the State of Maryland. Once the page is opened click on the link for crowd manager training. The certification is good for three years. Please forward a copy of your certification to the EHS department.   

The following documents and forms provide additional information and resources on the fire safety programs at Loyola.


Checklists and Forms

Miscellaneous Documents