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Automatic External Defibrillator Program

The Public Access Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program is an integral part of Loyola University Maryland’s commitment to the safety and health of staff, faculty, students and visitors. The purpose of this program is to provide public access to University maintained AED’s for use in the event of a sudden cardiac emergency. The AED Program establishes protocols for training, use and maintenance of AED’s located on University property.

An abnormal heart rhythm is the common cause of most sudden cardiac arrests. When the heart rhythm becomes chaotic, often without warning, the heart will stop abruptly. The American Heart Association (AHA) states that survival from sudden cardiac arrest depends directly on the speed in administering a defibrillation shock in an attempt to restore normal heart function.

A complete list of the locations of AED’s on Loyola University Maryland Campuses is provided below: 

  • 208 Coldspring Lane (in kitchen)
  • 5000 York Road (behind security attendant)
  • 5104 York Road (Main Lobby)
  • Belvedere Square Clinical center (1st floor hallway by business Operations Office)
  • Campus Police (mobile units)
  • College Center Athletic Training Area ( ground floor hallway by weight room)
  • College Center Athletic Training Area (in 1st floor hallway)
  • College Center Boulder Cafe (near atrium entrance)
  • College Center Geppi-Aikens Field (on the block house)
  • College Center Reitz Arena (south exit doors)
  • Donnelly Science (1st floor entrance from quad)
  • Fitness & Aquatic Center (1st floor athletic training room)
  • Fitness & Aquatic Center (1st floor hallway by soccer area)
  • Fitness & Aquatic Center (2nd floor hallway across from track)
  • Fitness & Aquatic Center (lifeguard office inside pool area)
  • Health Center (near exam room 1)
  • Humanities (1st floor west elevator lobby, near the refectory)
  • Ignatius House (1st floor main corridor)
  • Knott Hall (1st floor vending area)
  • Loyola Notre Dame Library (1st floor by circulation desk)
  • Maryland Hall 1st floor (entrance next to SAS)
  • Newman Towers 1st floor (near the Residence Life & Housing office)
  • Physical Plant (in front lobby)
  • Ridley Athletic Complex (1st floor by athletic training room)
  • Ridley Athletic Complex (2nd floor hallway outside weight room)
  • Ridley Athletic Complex (outside by visiting team entrance)
  • Thea Bowman Hall (2nd floor next to the elevators)
  • The Retreat Center (upper level entrance vestibule)

The following form must be used to document an incident and use of an AED:


View AED training here: