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Background Checks

If the University is entering into a contract that requires a third party to:

  • Enter bathrooms, locker rooms, and/or residence halls (where students or employees might be)
  • Deal with financial information such as credit card transactions and/or any other highly sensitive information

Contractors are responsible for obtaining background checks for all employees working on Loyola’s campus, including subcontractors. All of the Contractor’s employees should have passed a background check prior to working on campus. At no time should contractor send Loyola University Maryland, or any of its employees, a background check. Below, please find Loyola University Maryland’s guidelines for background check results. Contractor will do an individualized assessment based on relevance to job and the length of time that has passed between the time of conviction and application for employment, to determine whether employment should be offered to the applicant. Loyola has set forth the following recommendations, and in some cases, a discussion with the Owner is required.

Recommended actions and types of findings resulting from background checks.
Recommended Action - Do not hire Hire depends on job type and should be discussed with owner
Acquisition of Controlled Substance by Fraud within the past 7 years Acquisition of Controlled Substance by Fraud over 7 years ago
Aggravated Assault within the past 7 years Aggravated Assault over 7 years ago
Arson and Related Offenses Felony Drug Conviction over 7 years ago
Burglary Forgery
Corruption of Minors Illegal Sale of Controlled Substance
Endangering Welfare of a Child Illegal Sale of Non-Controlled Substance
Felony Drug Conviction within the past 7 years Possession with Intent to Deliver over 7 years ago
Hate/Bias Offenses Robbery over 7 years ago
Homicide Murder Theft
Indecent Exposure Unlawful Restraint
Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse  
Possession with Intent to Deliver within the past 7 years  
Promoting Prostitution  
Robbery within the past 7 years  
Sexual Abuse of Children  
Sexual Indecent Assault  
Statutory Rape  
Statutory Sexual Assault  

Revised September 17, 2019; Updated February 15, 2021.