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Obtaining Copyright Permission

When making copies of copyrighted material, both printing and mail services and other venues (i.e. Kinkos, Staples, etc.) need written proof that permission has been granted.

  1. Contact the publisher of the material you wish to use. Ask for the address or phone number of the publisher's "permissions department." Some publishers will send you a required permission form to fill out. Other publishing houses may ask for your request in a letter.
  2. Start the process of securing permission early. Some publishers take months to respond to permission requests.
  3. Fill out the request form or write your request letter. Be clear, concise and thorough. Generally speaking, your permission request letter should include:
  • Title;
  • Volume;
  • Issue number;
  • Author and/or editor;
  • Edition of the proposed source;
  • the exact material to be used, including page numbers, chapters, edition, copyright date (include a photocopy of what you want to use if possible);
  • Number of copies to be made;
  • Dates of usage;
  • Form of distribution;
  • Whether or not the material is to be sold.

Please remember that all employees are responsible for obtaining permission when duplicating copyrighted material.