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Submit a Contract for Review

Please be sure to review all other important contract considerations.
  • Please ensure that Loyola’s name reflects our legal name – Loyola University Maryland, Inc.
  • Review the contract term--Loyola generally enters into contracts for no longer than 3 years (automatic renewal contracts typically are not approved).
  • All Contracts must be reviewed by the submitting office to ensure the requirements in the contract can be supported by the submitting office.  For example, review for operational requirements, any data access needs, any statements or sections of the agreement, reading (for example):  “Loyola (customer, client, other reference to Loyola per the definitions) will, or Loyola shall, or Loyola is responsible for…”
  • Ensure you have all the documents available before uploading the contract (preferably as Word files).  This includes the main document as well as any ancillary documents (for example, Terms & Conditions, Order Form, etc.) that are mentioned (or appear as links) in the main document.
  • If the contract has not already been signed by the vendor or outside party, please find out who (name and email address) will be signing it.  Please note that often the vendor contact or account rep differs from the actual signer.  It is our preference that the Secondary Party or Outside Party signs the document first, with Loyola as the Primary Party signing last.
  • Plan ahead and allow at least two weeks for the contracts review process.  The review workflow depends upon document complexity, the need for meetings to discuss proposed terms and current workload (other contracts that are ahead of it within the review pipeline).  Please submit the contracts as early as possible.
  • In the contract description field in the submission form, be ready to describe what the contract (product / service) is, what it does, and who on campus uses it.
  • For Software Licensing Agreements, be sure to complete the Software Procurement Form.

Contract Submission Form