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Types of Agreements and Contracts

Contracts or agreements can involve, but are not limited to, the following: licensing arrangements; clinical agreements; maintenance services; internships; property leases; research; event-related agreements with speakers, caterers or entertainers; software licensing; and agreements involving consultants or other “independent contractors”.

In general, all types of contracts or agreements mentioned above will hereby be classified into four (4) main types:

  1. Standard – those entered into by Loyola University Maryland that will contain standard terms and conditions as developed by the University and previously approved by Legal Counsel and the office of facilities and campus services.
  2. Non-standard – those entered into that do not contain standard terms and conditions as developed by Loyola University Maryland. These are typically agreements where the selected vendor or partner presents their own terms and/or agreement to the University for review and approval.
  3. Software Licensing – these non-standard contracts must go directly to the Office of Technology Services (OTS) for approval. Contracts can be emailed to with subject line Software Licensing. Please contact OTS directly at ext. 5555 for more information.
  4. Grants – all contracts, waivers and agreements that result in the University receiving a grant or funds must be sent to the office of research and sponsored programs. Please contact the office of research and sponsored programs for more information.

Contracts and agreements will generally involve the University either obtaining or supplying goods or services. Only a University representative shall have authority to sign contracts or agreements per the University's Signature Authorization Policy.