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Planning a course schedule so that it has minimal conflicts with team obligations can be cumbersome and detrimental to a student-athlete's academic success. During every course registration period, members of the Student-Athlete Support Services staff are available to assist student-athletes in seeking options that meet academic progress, athletic performance needs and NCAA rules governing eligibility. Student-athletes are required to meet with their faculty advisor to ensure that selected courses meet graduation requirements and receive permission to register.

Prior to each registration, the records office notifies students of their registration time, the name of their advisor and the major they have listed on file.

Registration Stages

Initial Registration Period

The initial registration period is the time from the beginning of registration through the end of registration. Each student can only register for his or her schedule during this time; no changes can be made.

Drop/Add Period

The drop/add period begins at the end of the initial registration period in a given semester and extends through the fourth day of classes of the next semester. The dates are specified by the Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) for the summer months. The signature of the faculty advisor is not required during this period.

Withdrawal Period

The withdrawal period begins on the fifth day of classes of the new semester. Classes can no longer be added at this point, and if a student desires to discontinue taking a class, he or she may no longer drop it but must withdraw from it. As a consequence, a "W" will appear on the transcript. The faculty advisor must sign the "change of registration" form during this period. 

Graded Period

After withdrawal period, a "W" is no longer an option and the student must receive a grade for the course. The period ends when grades are due.

*Note: Please be aware that the Student-Athlete Support Services Office does not have any influence over overrides into closed classes. Student-athletes are required to fill out an override form and submit it to the Academic Advising and Support Center for decision by the respective department chair.