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Campus Services

Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC)

The Academic Advising and Support Center provides learning resources and academic advising to guide students in the development of their fullest intellectual and personal potential. AASC coordinates the administration of freshman placement testing, course registration, assignment of core advisors, The Study, and transfer/part-time student services.

Maryland Hall, Room 138

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs provides assistance, leadership, guidance and resources to, as well as supervision of, the entire academic division in support of the mission of Loyola.

Jenkins Hall, Room 120

ALANA Services

ALANA (African, Latino, Asian and Native American) Student Services is committed to providing support, services and programs that facilitate the success of all ALANA students at Loyola.

Andrew White Student Center 3rd Floor, E313

Student Support and Wellness Promotion (SSWP)

Loyola's Student Support and Wellness Promotion office seeks to aid undergraduate and graduate students to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically. Abuse of alcohol and use of other psychoactive substances can seriously impede or block such growth. SSWP offers programs and services, including education, counseling and treatment.

Seton Court, Room 02B

Loyola Bookstore

Andrew White Student Center, 2nd Floor

Campus Ministry

Loyola offers students the chance to deepen their experience of the Spiritual Life by offering a variety of opportunities for shared prayer, community building, theological reflection and service. With liturgical events and retreats and companion events, students are challenged, in an ongoing way, to seek God in all things. Throughout the year, students are invited to gather and reflect more deeply on their life experiences and how these experiences impact their relationships with self, others and God.

Cohn Hall

Campus Police/Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety aims to ensure safety on campus, maintain order, preserve the peace, promote individual responsibility for preventing crime, lower the opportunity for crime and disorder, reduce fear and provide a sense of security for the campus community.

Emergency: 410-617-5911
Non-Emergency: 410-617-5311 or ext. 5010
Escort: 410-617-5566
5104 York Road

The Career Center

The Career Center helps students and alumni discover their career passion by integrating the Jesuit core values and introducing a process of personal discovery and discernment. Career advisors are available year-round to discuss anything career-related, such as choosing or changing a major, clarifying interests, obtaining part-time and summer job and/or internship experiences, planning and conducting a professional job search, obtaining full-time employment, changing careers and selecting and being admitted to graduate school.

DeChiaro College Center, Ground Floor, West Wing

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is a place students can benefit from professional, experienced helpers, who can help to explore many different concerns. The Counseling Center encourages the utilization of its free, confidential services by all students. All counselors provide safe, supportive and caring relationships for exploring concerns. The Center values each person for his or her unique personality, perspective, background and culture.

Humanities Building, Room 150

Center for Community, Service, and Justice (CCSJ)

The Center for Community, Service, and Justice engages students and the broader Loyola community in education through service for a just and equitable world. CCSJ is committed to collaboration with community partners and to involvement with people who are marginalized, especially those who are materially poor. Their work is inspired by, and flows from, the Jesuit Catholic educational mission at Loyola that calls for a dynamic integration of academic excellence, social responsibility and faith that serves justice.

Humanities 142

Disability and Accessibility Support Services (DAS)

The Office of Disability and Accessibility Support Services (DAS) provides services for students with disabilities which ensure access to all Loyola programs and activities. The development, administration and coordination of programs and services that help eliminate barriers of any type (e.g., physical, programmatic, attitudinal or electronic) accomplish this goal. Students who have a disability and require academic accommodations are asked to please register with DAS as soon as possible.

Maryland Hall 141

Office of Financial Aid

Loyola maintains a very strong commitment to assisting students and parents in making a high quality private education affordable. At the undergraduate level, the Office of Financial Aid sponsors an excellent program of institutionally-funded academic scholarships, need-based grants and athletic grants, in addition to participation in the major federal and state student aid programs. The goal is to make planning for educational expenses as easy as possible.

410-617-2576 or 1-800-221-9107
Knott Humanities Center, Room 211A

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides a comprehensive range of services to students, alumni, faculty, staff and other constituents with maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction, in an atmosphere of respect and understanding. The office also serves as the custodian of all student academic records, ensuring their accuracy, integrity and security.

Student Administrative Services (SAS)

Student Administrative Services is the primary financial office center for students, parents and the Loyola community of faculty, staff and administrators. SAS's principal focus encompasses the monitoring of both undergraduate and graduate student tuition accounts, as well as employee activity accounts. Some of the other financial and administrative duties include the issuance of the Loyola ID card, Evergreen and meal debit spending account deposits, housing deposits for Residence Life & Housing, McCrossin Emergency Loans and parking registrations.

Maryland Hall, Room 140

Student Health and Education Services (SHES)

Student Health and Education Services provide active promotion, health protection and disease prevention services for students consistent with the educational mission of the University and contribute to the overall responsibility of the division for student development. SHES helps students to maintain their health through education and prevention and to restore health when necessary.

Seton Court 02A

Residence Life & Housing

The Residence Life & Housing Office staff is responsible for the coordination of the residential experience at Loyola. Residence Life & Housing strives to create an environment in which students are encouraged to make positive choices regarding their college experience. Many of these choices involve roommates, living areas, study habits, leisure/recreational activities and themes around which to build the communities. Residence Life & Housing continually looks to improve the environment within the residence halls and to link the residence hall experience with the academic experience for students.

Seton Court 08B

Technology Services (TSC)

Technology Services provides superior service through people and technology for the selection, implementation and service of technology on campus. TSC is the gateway to all services and support provided by Loyola's Technology Services Group. It provides technical assistance to all members of the campus community. All problems related to technology, including requests for the repair of Loyola-owned hardware, software, telephones, network connectivity and cable TV must be reported to the TSC so that the problem can be tracked and a repair technician dispatched. The TSC also provides other services which are unrelated to technical problems such as taking reservations for audiovisual equipment, laptop computers and computer labs.

Knott Hall, Room 002

Writing Center (LWC)

The Loyola Writing Center works with writers in any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting to the final stages of revision. Consultants encourage decisions on style, voice, audience and purpose. LWC empowers students, faculty and staff to express ideas in a clear, concise manner. All types of writing are welcome, including academic work from any disciplines and self-sponsored writing.

Maryland Hall, Room 043