Loyola University Maryland


About Us

While our current sustainability staff is based out of the Facilities Department, sustainability initiatives at Loyola involve work with student groups, faculty, and staff from other areas around the campus to ensure that we all move towards our greener goals.

We have designated three main areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve a more sustainable way of being:

  • Campus: Ensuring that campus initiatives and programs are operating with the environment in mind. Campus offices will work together to ensure that we are able to reach our goals and brainstorm ways that we can push ourselves further.
  • Community Outreach: We believe that it is important to spread our message throughout the Baltimore area. We encourage all members of the Loyola community to engage in local volunteer projects away from campus to get a sense of the community we are living in while helping drive our city to a more sustainable future.
  • Knowledge: Our students have the right to know what projects we are pursuing and how well we are performing. Our goal is to get as much information out to the students as possible, through the form of reports, newsletters, and other communications.

This framework allows us to organize activities that will address the students’ desire to learn, engage, and create. Through our work with the student body, the driving force behind environmental change, we hope to guide Loyola to a greener future.