Loyola University Maryland


Sustainability Team

Helen Schneider

Helen Schneider, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services

Helen joined the Loyola community in 1998, but it was not until the early 2000s that she discovered her interest in sustainability. Helen  spearheaded Loyola's first recycling program in 2006 and led the development of the Sustainability Committee.  Helen is interested in sustainability because (as an avid hiker) she enjoys the great outdoors and would like to preserve the environment for future generations. Helen serves as chair of the Arboretum Subcommittee.

Director of Facilities Management


Taylor Casalena, Sustainability Coordinator

Taylor Casalena joined the Loyola community in the Fall of 2014 as the program assistant for budget and sustainability. Since arriving she has partnered with on campus departments and student groups to green Loyola's operations and build a culture of sustainability. Taylor became Loyola's sustainability coordinator in 2017. Her favorite part of her job is bringing students out to the garden to experience the beauty of the natural world.

 Stephon Smith

Stephon Smith, Sustainability Intern

Stephon Smith is an International Business Major and Environmental & Sustainability Studies and French Minor.  His significant contributions to sustainability on campus as an Intern in the Office of Mission Integration led him to become Loyola Sustainability's first Intern. Stephon will collect and analyze data from across campus to benchmark Loyola's sustainability initiatives against peer institutions using the AASHE STARS Reporting Platform.

 jeff mohr

Jeff Mohr, Assistant Director Landscaping and Grounds

Jeff Mohr began his career at Loyola in the Spring of 2016 as the Assistant Director of Grounds. In his role as Loyola’s groundkeeper, Jeff uses native and adaptive plants throughout campus to create habitat for local flora and fauna and expose the Loyola community to the value of these spaces.  During his time at Loyola he has established several no-mow areas and lead the establishment of the Peace Meadow. Jeff feels that everyone has a role in preserving our environment for future generations. “We should take every opportunity to leave this place better than we found it.”

Joe Griffin

Joseph Griffin, Associate Director Facilities Management

Joe joined the Loyola community in December 1996 as an electrician. For Joe, sustainability means getting the most out of everything that we do, purchase, and maintain here at Loyola. Joe's keen eye for LED retrofit opportunities over the last two decades has helped Loyola save over 218,467 kWh each year. Joe serves as a member of the Energy Subcommittee.

Cindy Dunkes

Cynthia Dunkes, Environmental Compliance Coordinator

Cindy started working at Loyola in June of 2010 and works for the Environmental Health and Safety department (EHS). In addition to other duties, EHS is responsible for the electronic waste management and recycling as well as the hazardous waste disposal for the university. EHS has also implemented a hazardous waste minimization program in order to adhere to state guidelines. Cindy was a biology major in college and had a strong focus on environmental science. She loves the water and the great outdoors.