Loyola University Maryland


What is Sustainability?

Humanities building and trees

When thinking about sustainability, people often refer to the model proposed by the United Nations in 1987 which stats that the economy exists within and depends upon society and society exists within and depends upon the environment. This model irrevocably connects many aspects of modern life, allowing us to fully understand the relationships at work.

As a Jesuit institution, Loyola recognizes that the Catholic identity of so many of our community members is a large and defining aspect in their lives. These three areas of sustainability exist within and are affected by this Catholic identity. As environmental degradation impacts the world’s poorest people first, it is our responsibility to ensure that we care for God’s creation.

The Jesuit community established ways in which Ignatian spirituality provides a foundation for our response to ecological questions in 1995 at the 34th General Congregation of the Jesuits. Ignatius encourages us to marvel at the heavens and the earth and to consider how these created things sustain, nourish, and protect us. Our search for God is irrevocably tied to these questions of our environment.