Loyola University Maryland



Cherry tree

The Loyola University Maryland Arboretum was awarded a Level I Accreditation through the ArbNet program, recognizing our campus among other professional public gardens in the Morton Register of Arboreta.

Loyola has a strong tradition of nurturing and caring for the many mature native trees on our beautiful campus. In 1999, after several visits to university arboreta, a plan was set in motion to establish an arboretum at Loyola. Assessments of existing tree condition were conducted, a tree care program was developed, and labeling of trees was initiated. Today, the 79 acre campus boasts an inventory of more than 2200 trees representing 84 varieties.

Currently, the arboretum area includes the academic quadrangle and the property surrounding the President’s House, Jesuit residence, and residence halls in the east campus area. Thirty varieties of trees are signed with future plans to label at least one of each tree variety on campus.

The arboretum area that is most accessible to the public is the academic quadrangle, where a self-guided tour includes a mixture of mature “monarch” trees from the original forest, trees planted in the past few decades, as well as a number of relatively large caliper trees planted in recent years. Anchoring the quadrangle on one end is the Humanities Center, a 19th century Tudor mansion; on the opposite end is the historic Alumni Chapel. During the short walk between these two campus landmarks, one can find more than 20 kinds of trees as well as many beautiful shrubs, ornamental grasses, and seasonal plants. On the south side of the chapel, a row of stately pin oaks leads to the September 11th memorial consisting of an inscribed wall, benches, and a fountain surround by Crepe Myrtles. Crepe Myrtles remain in bloom through September, providing a beautiful, serene area for quiet reflection.

Future plans for the arboretum include: the development of a second walking tour surrounding the Fitness and Aquatics Center, encourage professors to increase use of the arboretum as an outdoor classroom, become a designated member of Tree Campus USA, and continue to enhance the arboretum to achieve Level II status.

If you have enjoyed learning about the Arboretum and would like to be involved in its growth, please consider making a gift to support The Loyola University Maryland Arboretum.