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Hosting Green Events

Green events use fewer resources, generate less waste and reduce the environmental impact of our university. We are pleased to present our guide to help you green your event and protect our common home. 

Marketing and Communications

Conserve paper and reach a larger audience by sharing your event announcement digitally.

  • Digital Signage: Submit your flyer or announcement to rotate on the dozens of digital signs across campus. Digital Sign Templates. Digital Signage Website.
  • LoyolaToday: Submit your events and announcements to be featured on LoyolaToday and emailed to the community twice a week. Submit a post. LoyolaToday FAQ.
  • Email and Calendar Invite: Send potential attendees an email and calendar invite with an image of your flyer or promotion.
  • Estimate Attendance: Stay in touch with attendees and reduce wasted food by collecting rsvps so you can better estimate the amount of food needed. Ask your guests to RSVP for your event online. Try Doodle, Qualtrix or your digital calendar.

Food and Beverage

  • Vegetarian: Plant based meals require fewer natural resources to produce. Go totally vegetarian or incorporate vegetarian options into your menu. Looks for the "v" symbol on the Evergreen Catering Guide to help you identify veg friendly options. 
  • Local and seasonal: Many foods travel hundreds of miles to reach our plates. Ask for menu items that are in season or locally produced to support our local environment and economy. 
  • Low Carbon: Avoid beef, lamb and pork and instead choose low carbon proteins like chicken and fish.
  • Beverages: Request beverages in pitchers instead of bottles and cans. Avoid bottled water
  • Food Recovery: Loyola Dining participates in the Maryland Food Bank's Middle Mile food recovery program. For large events, request food recovery services.

Trash and Recycling

  • Bring Your Own: Encourage guests to bring their own mug, tumbler or reusable bottle for beverages. 
  • Compostable Serveware: Event planners may request compostable disposables when placing their order with Evergreen Catering for an additional $1.50 per guest. This serveware is made of plant based materials and is 100% compostable. 
  • Sorting: Remind guests how to properly sort waste, recycling and compost. Laminated reusable reminder cards are available to borrow through Loyola Sustainability.
  • Full Service Composting: Full service composting is available for catered events in Fourth Floor Program Room, McGuire Hall and Sellinger VIP. Evergreen Catering will collect and remove waste material from those spaces.


Provide off-campus guests with sustainable and public transportation suggestions. The Evergreen Campus is served by the following bus routes.

North / South: CityLink Red and Local 51. Stop at Charles St and Coldspring Ln
East / West: Local 28. Stop at Milbrook Rd and Coldspring Ln