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Student Opportunities

Join Our Team 

As a Laudato Si’ university, the campus has committed to addressing these efforts at the intersection of ecological and social justice. Join our team and work with our Sustainability Director and Coordinator to make Loyola a more sustainable place! Sustainability Interns will help advance sustainability initiatives across campus. Duties include but are not limited to developing content about sustainability initiatives on campus for social media platforms as well as on the sustainability webpage, engagement across campus and the community, and involvement in initiatives like sustainable dining, waste management & campus composting, and climate action, depending on the student’s interest. Particular emphasis is on peer-to-peer education. For more information contact us at

Meet our current student interns!

Join a Student Group

Students are encouraged to join at least one student group in their time here at Loyola to enrich their experience outside of the classroom. For a full listing of student groups on campus, visit the Student Engagement website.

We have also compiled a list of student organizations that have an environmental focus.

Work for the Good Stuff Campaign

Govanstowne Farmers’ Market

weekly market during the summer months that is situated in the 5104 York Road parking lot. This market strives to bring food to local and/or underserved families.

More Volunteer Opportunities

We have compiled a list of local organizations that have expressed interest in working with volunteers from the local community. Browse through the listings and contact volunteer coordinators for more information.